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The Coaching Doctor’s Advice for BlogWorld


Earlier today, I posted some great lunch (Border Grill) and dinner (Tender) restaurant reviews if you’re looking for somewhere to eat while at BlogWorld Expo. Even at some of the best restaurants, there are a number of poor diet choices you can make, and add that to the flowing alcohol, lack of sleep, and little time for exercise – the convention can get out of control, health-wise, in a hurry.

Dr. Aamer Iqbal, otherwise known as The Coaching Doctor, helped me out with some advice for bloggers who want to remain health-conscious while still enjoying Las Vegas.

Healthy Eating

Unless you have a suite, you probably won’ t have any kind of kitchen equipment, so your choices are limited. Aamer’s suggestion is to choose smaller helpings if they’re available. Many restaurants have a half-portion or lunch menus available for guests who are interested, and there may also be Weight Watcher’s or low-carb menu options to help you make healthier choices.

Aamer also says, “Dress salads with vinegar or lemon juice and a wee bit of olive oil; or keep dressing on the side and dip your fork in it for flavor while having a salad. Sauces ending in -aise are usually packed with fat; pasta and cheese are packed with calories as well.”

Buffets can actually be some of the most healthy options available, since you can make your own choices. Try to make your plate 70 percent veggies, substitute lentils and beans for pasta. When it comes to dessert, go for sorbet or fruit instead of some kind of pastry.

Healthy Drinking

“Healthy drinking” is a bit of an oxymoron, but there are choices that are healthier than others. Says Aamer, “Alcohol has as many calories as fat: so watch out how much you drink at the bar. About a pint of beer or a couple of standard servings of other drinks should do. Sodas are also packed with sugar. I imagine just some tonic water, fresh lime soda or freshly squeezed fruit juice should be preferable over other stuff. And yes, keep yourself hydrated with at least 8 glasses of water. restrict tea or coffee to max 3 cups, and go easy on lattes. Green or herbal tea may be a better option.”

Of course, remember also to be safe if you drink. Even if you’re a guy, don’t go out partying alone!

Exercising at BlogWorld

Luckily, you’ll already be doing a lot of walking while in Las Vegas, so even if you don’ t have the time or energy to hit the hotel gym, you’re not completely killing your workout schedule. Some other things to consider:

  • If the hotel gym isn’t your thing, check out the pool. Swimming is great exercise.
  • Check out some dance clubs if you want to exercise, but have no time to do that and also enjoy Vegas nightlife. Dancing is great exercise.
  • Take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator.

You can also do some lunges, jumping jacks, yoga, or other exercises in your room. Remember to stretch in the morning – you’ll be doing a lot of walking throughout the day, even if you’ll also be sitting at panels a lot.

Avoid the Conference Plague

After every conference, there’s a huge percentage of attendees who get the fly. That’s the price you pay to shake so many hands and be in such close quarters with others. Aamer has some awesome advice for bloggers to help you avoid the plague when you get home:

“Wash hands five times a day, as suggested by a US Navy study. Work up a lather over twenty seconds and wash your hands. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. If you have to cough or sneeze, do so onto a tissue or on your elbow or shoulder, never on your hand. This will help prevent spread to others.”

An my favorite avoid-the-flu advice:

“Don’t tire yourself; listen to your body; sleep when you are sleepy; eat when you are hungry.”

General BlogWorld Health Advice

Aamer had a last piece of advice for BlogWorld attendees to help you stay healthy while in Vegas:

“Importantly, a few days away from your diet does not cause significant damage, unless you make it a belief for yourself and give up on dieting. Go with the intention of staying healthy when attending the conference so that you can enjoy company, meet people, eat out and go for activities while staying on course for your own good health.”

Remember to say thank you for the tips and check out more about Aamer’s coaching program at his website, The Coaching Doctor.

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