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Plixi Bringing Collective Photo Event Stream to Blog World


In a world where real time matters and people are trying to share photos while on the go in a meaningful way; Plixi delivers real time photo sharing. Plixi is pleased to announce that they are the official photo sharing service for Blog World 2010 Las Vegas.

Real time collective photo streams will be displayed on Plixi of photos uploaded to Plixi with the hashtag #bwe10!

Photos from the event with #bwe10 will be placed on a collective photo events stream for you and your friends to see at the Plixi booth, #425, or on their PC, Mac or mobile device.

TweetPhoto recently has changed its name to Plixi. All of the stuff that you loved about TweetPhoto basically stays the same, we just added a bunch of cool features like user created places and events and a lot more. We have changed the name to more accurately reflect what our service does and how it is much more than just Twitter. People, Places, Events and Photos… Connecting you to your friends and allowing you to share photos in new and exciting ways socially.

If you used TweetPhoto in the past or you are new to the service you will need to create a Plixi account under 15 seconds by simply authenticating with Twitter or Facebook and choosing a Plixi password here http://plixi.com/signup

Lots of people want to share photos from their mobile phone so that their friends can see what they are doing right then. Our upcoming iPhone app will make that a snap. We are aiming for a better way to instantly share photos and we offer functionality that you won’t find in Facebook or most other photo sharing sites. Here are just a few of the new features that we have added to the new Plixi.

  • Events/Places. These are user created and have a location. (e.g., Tiffany’s Birthday Party, Blog World Break Out Session, Mash Bash Las Vegas). These events/places allow for everyone’s photos from the party to show in one place online. Think of it as a group collection of shared memories of an event. One event where lots of different people add photos, perfect for parties, meetups, concerts, college life, sporting events among others.
  • Photo Tagging. Tag your friends in photos quickly
  • Grid or Stream View across the site.
  • Webcam snapshots
  • Enhanced social interactions with voting, favoriting, commenting on photos.
  • Real Time notifications and alerts via website & email when something important happens.
  • See much more of what your friends are doing. Easily view a persons photos, events they added photos to, favorites and photos they voted on.

There is a lot more to discover… so create your account and get a closer look at what is going on from people you care about.


  • BenSpark

    Glad I caught this post, had to make a change to my presentation, would have been bad form to have referred to one of the conference sponsors by their old name.

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