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How To Write a How To For Your Blog


How To Write a How To For Your Blog
BlogWorld 2010 Speaker: John Hewitt

Friday October 15, 2010
11:00AM – 12:00PM

@ Tradewinds C/9

My name is John Hewitt, and I am a terrible blogger. I post sporadically. I rarely respond to comments. My site resembles a white t-shirt. My SEO skills and commitment are mediocre even on a good day. My domain name, poewar.com, means nothing to anyone but me. My niche, writing about writing, often makes people laugh and my monetization strategy can best be described as controlled random chance.

Despite all this, I’ll make about ten thousand dollars off of my blog this year. I haven’t posted for almost a month and my blog traffic is up 55%. StumbleUpon sends me at least 1000 visitors every day and my site ranks number one for almost 100 Google search terms.
The key to my constant stream of traffic is evergreen content that continues to bring in readers for years after the initial posts. One of my articles, How to Write a Query Letter, has earned over $5000 in AdSense revenue over the past four years. Almost all of my top fifty most popular posts either tell you how to do something, provide a list of tips, or explain concepts and define terms.

My BlogWorld presentation will give you a roadmap to creating your own evergreen content, specifically in the form of How To articles. How to articles help readers accomplish tasks and reach goals. They provide advice, step-by-step instructions, options and component information. I will take you through the creation process as well as cover style tips for language, grouping, order and supporting materials.
Here are five good reasons to attend my presentation:

• Evergreen content is a great long-term strategy for your blog
• Writing How To guides is easy once you learn the basics
• I have absolutely nothing to sell you. My only eBook is a book of poetry
• There are only four content presentations. Shouldn’t you go to at least one of them?
• It will be a nice break from all those monetization and social media presentations

I hope to see you at BlogWorld!


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    Have a good day!

    -Fowajul kibria

  • Artta

    Thats all I need. Thank you.

  • Statusfb

    Sound good! Its very motivated me! Thanks John 🙂

  • charlie mcqueary

    I like what is going on around the world , I really like to read whats going on now and just stating what i think about it .
    The economy, unemployment,the lost of our middle class .Born in 1953 alot of life has walked behind my back i miss
    out , i watch alot go by but never took the time to reach out grab hold .That is what i want to do with a blog site .

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