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Tell Us About Your Blog Business and You Could End Up on the News!


Some attendees may hit on their 15 minutes of fame at BlogWorld this year. Next weekend, a television news reporter is coming to BlogWorld to interview home based entrepreneurs. If you started a business out of your home, especially if it’s one having to do with blogging and social media, you might find yourself on network television.

We Want Your Stories

If your business is something that everyday people can do from home, we want to talk with you. We’re not looking for get rich quick schemes or people who are earning $50,000 per month. Instead, we want to hear from the folks who are making a living doing something that isn’t out of the realm of most people’s expertise.

Here are some scenarios we’re interested in:

* Bloggers who have been able to earn a living with blogging or a home based business after being laid off from a traditional office job.
* Bloggers or home based business owners who picked up the slack and became the sole income provider after a spouse was laid off.
* Bloggers and home based business owners who were laid off and reinvented themselves as blogging and social media professionals.
* Bloggers who started a business or found work as a result of attending BlogWorld.
* Non Tech people who are using new media (blogging,YouTube, podcasting, webinars, ebooks and more) to earn a living from home.
* Total newbies who are coming to BlogWorld who are interested in making a living with a home based blogging, new media or social media business.
* Mom and dad bloggres who are earning a living from blogging.
* Non-tech folks who have reinvented themselves thanks to their blogging/social media business.

Does any of this sound like you? If you think you’d like to be selected to give a television interview, post your story in the comments. If selected, someone from the BlogWorld team will be in touch to tell you the next steps.


  • Jordan Cooper

    How about a professional comedian who built more of a following for himself through a year of blogging than by touring the country in comedy clubs/colleges for nearly 15 years? Making more money at home “performing” online every day to an audience that spans the world on Twitter, FB, blog, YouTube than travelling physically to them city to city. From stand-up comic to sit-down blogger, making people laugh is still the same occupation.

  • Kirsten Wright

    The first one is definitely me – Long story short, I was laid off from my company in 2009, had been writing my blog since 2008. I asked my readers and my twitter followers what i should do. Based on their advice I decided to start my own company offering web design, blog management and social media marketing. Hit my year mark in July and am still going strong. Get 99% of my business through my blog, twitter and referrals. The OC Register covered the beginning of my story in a multi-part series: http://economy.ocregister.com/2009/05/11/kirstens-chronicles-the-beginning/ and I also have some posts about it on my blog http://wrightcreativity.com/2009/07/big-news-at-wright-creativity/ (just one of many)

  • Angela Crocker

    I’d be honoured if you’d consider me. After years of continuous professional employment in marketing, communications & corporate sponsorship, I was laid off from a Director position at a non-profit in early 2009 – a side effect of the economic downturn. Rather than seek a conventional job, I decided to pursue self-employment and created Beachcomber Communications (www.beachcombercommunications.com). I work as a social media trainer, content consultant, author and speaker. Some recent highlights of my success include:
    * Teaching social networking at Douglas College & Vancouver Island University
    * Being a Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year
    * Signing a book deal to write “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Social Network” to be published by Penguin Books (USA) Inc. Feb 2011
    * Co-marketing with Kim Plumley & Peggy Richardson as The Book Broads (www.thebookbroads.com)
    * Numerous speaking engagements including, recently, Northern Voice, The Word On The Street, Bookcamp Vancouver & the Editors’ Association of Canada
    Thanks for the chance to share a bit of my story here. See you at BlogWorld!

  • Kathy Nicholls

    Deb, I’m a relative newbie to the blogging world. I spent over 25 years in the medical transcription industry (which has a huge work at home component in itself) and last November was downsized from the corporate job I had. In trying to decide what to do next, I found some blogging courses, and started the MT Tools Online site, which provides educational opportunities for medical transcriptionists. I have several other sites I am also working on. What I found was that I was able to take some of the skills I had from doing medical transcription for years (including being an educator) and put those to use in a new way using blogging and social media. I’ve been fortunate to find some great courses to learn from along the way and it’s a journey that is still in its infancy, but one that will take me through the rest of my working years.

  • Lola Dee

    Newbie to blogging here, love it! I am passionate about healthy, yet delicious cooking. I have so many innovative ideas and delicious recipes that I have created over the years, that it seems like a natural progression to share the wealth by publishing it on my blog. My biggest inspiration, has been Martha Stewart, as she has revolutionized the way we live, for the better. I currently have an audition video on Oprah’s OWN website for my own cooking show. My creativity knows no bounds, and I cannot stress enough the power and the glory of making your home beautiful, comfortable and delicious, yet above all HEALTHY!! I am a cross between Martha and the Skinny chef, as all my original recipes are healthy, fresh, quick, easy, yet delicious. Never, ever compromise on flavor. My food styling and photography is another aspect of my creativity, and I am very proud of the results. I am now looking to make some $$$ at this very, very, cool profession! I have so much to give, and feel like I can be an inspiration to many! 🙂

  • Deborah Shane

    Deb, I know you and I got somewhat acquainted before but more so during the ‘panel choosing’ process. I am a corporate career changer. Two decades in entertainment and broadcast radio, transitioned and reinvented myself post 50 to become entrepreneurial for the second time.

    Have you met Deborah Shane? Let me introduce you! Deborah has transformed herself from a rockin’ singer and songwriter and award-winning radio salesperson into a gusty entrepreneur as the head of her own company Train with Shane. In this new and exciting venture, Deborah has combined all of her skills and talents—marketing, sales, mentoring, teaching and more—into a business that guides and motivates others through their career transition.

    I have combined traditional and social, but have built and been using mostly social platforms to build my brand and business since Feb 2007, when I launched Train with Shane. It started with my visual brand and website, then I added email marketing, then Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, my blog, and Blogtalk Radio. They all work together today to help me serve my communities for Business Education and Professional Development through speaking, events, training and consulting. My two niches are women in business and those in career reinvention and transition. I wrote my story, lessons and the 5 Steps to Successful Career Reinvention in a book coming out early 2011. My Blog: Deborahshanetoolbox.com, has grown dramatically this year and continues to compliment my website. Currently I am featured on Careerealism.com, job-hunt.org, brand-yourself.com, careersuccesscommunity.com

  • Cecelia

    Bridgette and I would love to be considered. As “mom bloggers” who also work full time, we created and launched http://www.doubledutydivas.com after meeting at a blog conference last year. Originally designed to “Harness the Power in Numbers” in the review blog niche in which we are both involved, the network evolved into a consultation business. Just six month later we have run numerous successful campaigns for companies interested in blog and social media marketing within the “mom blog” community. Recently we partnered with Great Wolf Lodge to host a review blog conference to bring together bloggers, companies and public relations experts to further collaborate as this new media continues to evolve.

    Both with full time professional jobs, children, individual blogs and now a network and business which allows a teacher from Pennsylvania and scientist from Louisiana to join forces online, we’re embracing our “Double Duty Diva” status more than ever.

  • Jim "Genuine" Turner

    I don’t need to remind you that mine was the first professional blogging service for companies and have been doing this nearly 6 years now? Bloggers For Hire will be at booth 511 if I am not selected to be on the news, come by the booth and I’ll tell you the story anyway!

    22 years in the law and he gave it all up to be a blogger. That is newsworthy!

  • Leonard Sipes

    Hi. We were the first federal agency to “do” social media at http://media.csosa.gov. We now have the most popular social media site dealing with crime and justice issues in the country. We help others in criminal justice, government and nonprofits through a series of articles at http://media.csosa.gov (see blog). We offer television, radio, transcripts and a blog. At last count, we are doing 230,000 requests a month. We were able to convince 530 criminal offenders with warrants to voluntarily surrender in a church over three days through social media. We have the highest percentage increase in employee satisfaction through social media (most of the productions feature them). We are currently trying to crowd-source the hiring of offenders under our supervision with business leaders via social media.
    Best, Len Sipes. 202-220-5616.

  • Lou Mongello - WDWRadio

    My name is Lou Mongello. My passion is Disney.

    I left my successful law practice and my IT consulting company to pursue my passion and follow a dream of sharing my love for Walt Disney World with others. I am the author of the Walt Disney World Trivia Books and Audio Guides to WDW, as well as the Host and Producer of WDW Radio (http://WDWRadio.com), the award-winning online radio show dedicated to celebrating the magic of Walt Disney World, which has been named Best Travel Podcast for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. I am also the publisher of Celebrations Magazine, and founder of the Dream Team Project, which raises money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.

    I have appeared on numerous television and radio stations, been interviewed by Robert Scoble for his blog, featured on StarWars.com, and in numerous print magazines, podcasts and other online resources. I am also a keynote speaker around the country for various groups, as well as educational and corporate events. I continue to leverage the power of social media through outlets such as Twitter and Facebook to grow and closely interact with my audience.

    What began as a personal challenge grew into a hobby, and quickly into my full-time career. I have been podcasting and blogging since 2005, and have been able to realize my dream of doing what I love for a living and truly “living the dream.”

    I strive to share what I have learned and inspire others to take the first step towards pursuing their passions and always continue to keep moving forward…

  • Benny the Irish polyglot

    Interesting initiative 🙂 Not sure if my story would beat those above, but here goes:

    I blog about language learning. I am convinced that anyone can learn a language quickly no matter what their background. I only spoke English when I was 21, but now (at 28) I speak 9 languages – 8 of them fluently.

    The blog got a lot of traffic from the interest in my language missions and from my advice that loads of people have been applying. So back in March I wrote the “Language Hacking Guide” to summarise my best tips in one place. It has since been translated to 18 languages (also available on my site). Literally overnight – from the day I put the product up on e-junkie – I have been living off sales of this guide.

    So my mission is to convince the world that speaking (or “hacking”) another language isn’t hard and my blog is the platform to do that from! I am earning a decent living already, but hopefully meeting those at BWE will help me spread the positive language learning message to others!

    Now, to REALLY convince you to consider me for the news interview: I’m Irish 🙂 I’ll be flying in from Europe especially for BWE. Everyone loves to hear a charming Irish accent, right? 😀

    Best of luck!

  • Sheila Scarborough

    I started writing and blogging about travel full-time in early 2006, when I retired from a 20+ year career in the US Navy.

    I now write for 3 different blogs and run an online training course that teaches tourism pros how to use social media for their destination marketing. My business partner and I met, yes, on a blog (well, there was some Twitter thrown in there, too.)

    Sometimes, I remember to brush my teeth and change out of my sleep shirt by the time my son gets home from school. 🙂

  • Lauralyn Brickhouse Wilkins

    Hey HEY! What an AWEsome opportunity, thanks so MUCH! (Although I’m not entirely sure that I fit tidily into any one of your qualifying scenarios…still, I can’t HELP but subMIT!)

    My deal is this: After ferociously online dating and blogging about my oftentimes incomprehensibly ridiculous adventures for over two years (www.biguglytruck.blogspot.com) I underwent a sudden and radical blogging shift. Out of the necessity to dabble in 10 second timer photography (for the sake of always keeping my online dating profile pics., thus the men who contacted me as well as my blog material – FRESH) came my subsequent, inexorable addiction to the art of “dash” self-portraiture. Simultaneously, the guys on my dating sites began contacting me, more out of curiosity about my photos and the photographer who was lucky enough to snap ’em – than in me as a potential dating candidate.

    I took the hint and essentially abandoned online dating, to instead pour myself wholeheartedly into my photos – which continue to run the gamut – depicting everything from soft-porn pin-up shots, to physically demanding 10 second challenges.

    After creating a 10 Second Timer album on Facebook, it was clear that folks dug my pics. FAR more than they ever cared about my online dating blog…and acknowledging that there was a story behind each photo – I set about creating my NEW Big Ugly blog…

    Only a month old, The Big Ugly has far exceeded my expectations for daily hits…and I’m STOKED! I am THIS CLOSE to opening my online store, out of which I plan to peddle my 2011 calendar, a line of t-shirts and eVENtually – uniquely framed, oversized prints of my work.

    I consider myself a successful blogger in that, I have a wonderfully devoted and nurturing following. That being said, I have yet to make any money from my efforts. Since making the commitment to blogging full time, I have been pretty much running on financial fumes. I am confident however, that not only have I found my perfect blogging niche, but that the gamble will prove to be enormously lucrative!

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