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Creating a Media Kit Before BlogWorld Expo


Do you have a media kit for your blog? Before you head to BlogWorld Expo, you should create a media kit or be sure the one you have is updated. You will be meeting a lot of fellow bloggers, PR and companies who will visit your blog. They will want to know who you are and what your blog is about. You could just let them make some assumptions by reading a few posts and googling you, but it would be better if you had a media kit. This will give you the opportunity to showcase you and your blog.

Media Kit Definition

According to Google, a media kit is

… a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person, company, or organization distributed to members of the media for promotional use.

Media Kit Contents

Your media kit should reflect your brand. If you are an artist, make it creative. If you are a photographer, use pictures. There are a few items that should be included in all media kits.

1. Your name. It sounds obvious, but be sure you include your full name.

2. Your top social networking sites. List the link so the social networking sites where you are the most active and include the number of followers.

3. Your blog name and URL. Include the URL and full name of all of your blogs.

4. Location. You do not have to give your complete address, but include the general area. For example, I live in the Washington DC metro area.

5. Personal accomplishments. List any awards you’ve received, positions you’ve held and anything else that you would like others to know that you have accomplished.

6. Pertinent experience. You do not need to include a full resume of your job history. Include any paid or volunteer experience you have that is part of your brand.

7. Statistics. I know, we all hate those pesky statistics, but they are part of the big picture. Don’t deny them, wear them proudly.

8. Contact information. What is the best way to contact you.

You can include all the information right on your website or have it available after they contact you.

Bonus Blog Tip

One last tip! Be sure your blog is ready. Prepare blog posts and schedule them to post while you are gone. I often create a “10 Most Popular Posts” list to post while I am at a conference. It is a good way to showcase some old posts when people who have met at BlogWorld Expo visit your blog. You could include this in your media kit also.

Media Kit Resources

Here are a few other resources to help you with your media kit:

  1. Writing Your Blog’s Media Kit – Another good list of items to include in your media kit along with an explanation of why you need one.
  2. Create a simple media kit with Microsoft Publisher – This gives you step by step instructions on creating a kit in Publisher, but also includes ideas on what to include along with a few hints and tips.
  3. Grow Your Blog: How to Create a Media Advertising Kit for Your Blog – This article includes links to some sample kits.
  4. Your Blog’s Media Kit – Answer both the what to include and the why you need a media kit for your blog.
  5. Create A Media Kit To Attract Advertisers To Your Blog – If you are creating your kit to attract advertisers to your blog, then be sure to read this article. Includes hints and tips that will help you attract advertisers.
  6. How PR Peeps and Mommy Bloggers can Work Together – An excellent article from Cathy of Web Savvy PR wrote an excellent article that gives both PR and bloggers insight into what the other side is looking for. This includes what PR is looking for in a media kit.
  7. Know Your Numbers: Putting Together a Media Kit – A session from the Type A Mom conference in September, 2010.

Do you have a media kit for your blog? What other items did I leave out of the media kit essentials?

Please include a link to your media kit if you have completed one.

– Photo from Microsoft Images

Michele McGraw is a mom of 4 who blogs about technology, digital scrapbooking and fitness at Scraps of My Geek Life. She can be found socializing on Twitter, @ScrappinMichele.


  • Sherry

    My blog is very new and I don’t have a ton of followers yet. Wouldn’t listing my small (but hopefully growing) stats be detrimental to my kit? Are people only going to be interested in sites that are more mature? I’m looking to grow my readership/social media presence, not get snubbed.

    • Melanie Nelson

      Sherry, I can understand why you’d be hesitant to list your stats, but any company you work with is going to ask for them and expect them to be included in your media kit. My advice is to put them in, then discuss your growth. Share how you have X more subscribers each month or X% growth over the past three months. Then you can project your user growth for the next three months (just let them know that you’re projecting based on current growth trends).

      In truth, I think marketers are too caught up in the stats, but they are looking for something measurable and those are the easiest thing to measure. If you have something else that’s measurable, give that to them. For instance, if you held a giveaway or did a review and linked to the product site, tell them how many people clicked through on your best campaign or (better yet) how many people purchased based on your recommendation. To do those things you’ll need to be using a strong analytics program (like Google Analytics) to track your links and conversion rates. Doing that and sharing the info with a marketer shows you’re taking business seriously and it may be worth more than your actual stats.

  • Mommy Reporter

    Awesome info!! I have mine ready to go!!! Looking forward to making those connections… see ya there!! 🙂

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