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BlogWorld Bingo!


It’s less than a week until we all head to Vegas for BlogWorld, and some people are even flying into town this weekend. In the spirit of both making the most of the event and having fun, here’s something a little different for y’all today – BlogWorld Bingo!

Go ahead and click to see the playing board full size:

Let’s go over why each square is important:

  • Post about BWE on your blog: Before you leave, let your readers know that you’ll be gone and mention where you’re going.
  • Introduce yourself to your blog “hero”: You know that big name in your niche that you really respect? They are more than willing to say hi to you at BlogWorld. Don’t be shy about going up and introducing yourself.
  • Attend a TweetUp: There are TweetUps going on throughout the event, so make time to attend one and connect to those followers who RT you most.
  • Do something outside of your comfort zone: That could mean anything from going to a party alone to going to dinner with people at a place with cuisine that you’ve never tried to playing poker with other attendees.
  • Go to an afterparty: Some of the best connections can be made outside of the actual event.
  • Have lunch of dinner with a small group: Big parties are great, but you’ll get more lasting connections if you hang out with small groups of people and make more meaningful connections.
  • Unplug for a session: Sometimes we’re so caught up with tweeting and blogging that we forget to actually listen.
  • Collect 100+ business cards: There’s a second part to this challenge – write on the back of each one who the person is and how you can help one another in the future. Only keep cards that are relevant to you.
  • Buy someone a drink: This isn’t about getting that cute girl drunk – buying someone a drink is a great way to strike up a conversation at a party, allowing you to introduce yourself more easily.
  • Remember to charge your phone each night: During the day, outlets are at a premium. Charge your phone every night so you’re ready for the next day.
  • Add at least 30 people on Twitter: Add people to twitter throughout the show and start connecting with them right away. If you wait until you get home, you’ll forget who most of the people are.
  • Schedule a post while you’re at BWE: During the event, your site will receive lots of extra traffic, since people who collect your business card will be checking out your site. Schedule at least one or two posts to go up while you’re at BWE.
  • Go to BlogWorld – FREE SPACE!
  • Organize something: It could be a TweetUp, lunch, dinner, whatever. Organize something to become the “point person” – trust me, at BWE, people will show up.
  • Ask for or offer help using #bwehelps: An awesome idea from @jeremywright – this hashtag is for people needing help, so either ask a question or offer a solution at some point during BlogWorld.
  • Sing at the closing party: This one takes some nerves, but it’s all in good fun! Sign up for karaoke, with another person or group of people if you’re not brave enough to sing alone.
  • Attend at least 5 sessions: It’s easy to get caught up in networking and not actually make it to any sessions. Make a point to go to at least 5 over the course of two or three days – you’ll learn a lot and be able to meet some of the speakers afterward.
  • Get some “me” time each day: I talked about this before – even if you’re an extrovert, it’s important to schedule some alone time to de-stress and reflect on your day.
  • Ask a question during a session: Don’t be afraid to speak up!
  • Introduce yourself every time you sit down: People go to BlogWorld in part to network. Believe me, people won’t be angry if you say hi. Even if they look busy, a lot of people check their phones or do some blogging while waiting for a session to start just because they have no one to talk to.
  • Implement something you’ve learned: Learning is nothing without action!
  • Hit the show floor: Networking is great. Speakers are great. Don’t forget the show floor, though! Yes, people are trying to sell you stuff at most of the booths, but you can learn a lot and you might even find some stuff you want to buy.
  • Do something unrelated to BlogWorld: You’re in Vegas, after all – enjoy it!
  • Record or be in a video: Videos are great for any blog, so if you can, take some during the event. If you don’t have the equipment, be in a video that someone else is working on. Can’t find anyone? Send me a tweet @allison_boyer and I’ll do a video with you!
  • Post a BWE wrap-up on your blog: Let readers know what you’ve learned, post pictures, and review the event.

Post a comment here when you have Bingo! Of course, you really should try to get all of them – let’s see who can do it first!


  • Christine Kramar

    If you use SCVNGR the radio program I work on we set up an interactive map of Vegas with the locations for everything like where to see all of the wild animals – lions, tigers, penguins on the strip in case weird stuff strikes your fancy!

  • Katherine Salt

    I love the bingo idea! Such a great way of putting together a to do list :o)

  • Rick Griffin

    As if Blog World weren’t going to be fun enough, here you go making it funner:) Thanks!!

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