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The DOs and DON’Ts for a New Generation of The Macallan Drinkers!


The MacallanAs we all gather at BlogWorld to celebrate the new and the innovative, it’s important to not leave behind our well-seasoned traditions—like those steeped in Scotch. Though The Macallan® Single Malt Scotch Whisky has a long history dating back to 1824, there are countless and ever-evolving ways to enjoy and update a timeless classic.

While many Scotch enthusiasts will tout the primacy of drinking a single malt neat, that doesn’t need to be staunchly true for everyone. In the spirit of innovation, we’ve come up with the following DOs and DON’Ts for a new generation of The Macallan drinkers:

DO be adventurous. Even if you wrinkle your nose at your dad’s single malt, forge ahead—there are tons of flavors for you to taste and experience.

DON’T hesitate to throw out staid rules for drinking Scotch and order it how you like it.

DO mix it. At least once. Scotch cocktails are unbelievable. The Blood and Sand cocktail (don’t let the name scare you) is one of our favorites. But we do draw the line at taking shots of The Macallan.

DON’T be afraid to pair fine spirits with dinner in lieu of wine. A few drops of water can open up the whisky to pair perfectly with a variety of foods.

DO sip it poolside. The Macallan 10 Years Old with soda or ginger ale is surprisingly refreshing on a hot Las Vegas afternoon.

DON’T forget to savor your drink – fine spirits are meant to be appreciated.

DO enjoy with dessert. The Macallan 18 and chocolate make a truly decadent pairing.

DON’T wait until you’re lounging in a leather chair to order a nice single malt. The Macallan complements any situation, from drinks with the boss to drinks on a date.

DO spread the word. Online or in-person, special and unique experiences are simply better when they’re shared.

Help us add to the list by reaching out on Twitter using the hashtag #Macallan or on Facebook. We look forward to toasting with you in Las Vegas!

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