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BlogWorld Attendees: Learn How You Can Attend a Cirque Show!


It’s almost here, my favorite time of year in Las Vegas – BlogWorld! Personally and professionally, BlogWorld has been a wonderful event and I know this year will be even better. For the past two years I’ve loved showing off our Cirque du Soleil shows to attendees, we have seven shows in Las Vegas now! So again this year I would like to invite bloggers to attend one of our shows in exchange for writing a review. Whether you’re experiencing Cirque for the first time or the tenth time, your Vegas trip is not complete without hitting one of our incredible shows.

To coincide with the BlogWorld parties at Aria on October 14 and 15, I’ve set up a block of tickets for Viva ELVIS, our newest show (7 and 9:30 p.m.) so you can check it out either before or after.

Tickets are also available on other dates for CRISS ANGEL Believe, Mystère, KÀ, Zumanity and LOVE.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. To qualify you have to leave a comment on this post with:
    • The show you want to see
    • A link to where you’ll be posting your review (Your blog, podcast, YouTube, etc)
    • Your email address so we can contact you
  2. There is limited availability so be sure to sign up ASAP
  3. You have to be attending BlogWorld

For more info on Cirque du Soleil, follow us @cirque and experience us at Facebook.

See you at BlogWorld!

Jessica Berlin /@jessberlin
Social Media Manager for Cirque du Soleil


  • Amy Phillips

    The show you want to see: Viva Elvis

    A link to where you’ll be posting your review:
    I can cross post it several places:
    *personal blog: http://www.accidentalmusings.com/

    *Washington Time Communities:

    *Here on BlogWorld, as part of the BlogWorld experience.

    *Plus, if I get a photo pass, I would pitch the story to Baltimore Sun online content area.

    Your email address so we can contact you: Email: amydpp@gmail.com

    Yes, I am attending BlogWorld (part of the Social Media Team)

  • Rob Oddi

    I’m stoked about attending blogworld. I actually write reviews for many of the musicals which come into Toronto. I would love to write one for KA. I travel to NYC, and London often to see shows, and though i’ve seen many cirque shows, i’ve been dying to see KA! Would love to get two tix see KA on the 13th of Oct at 9 30 ! Im bringing my partner who will also be attending blogworld.

    I would post my review on broadwaybox.com (where i normally post reviews) to every show i see, as well as govegas.about.com .. im attending blogworld because i am one of the people new to starting a blog, and just recently registered my domain (roboddi.com) and will also be posting it on there, and to my twitter account @roboddi

    thanks 🙂

  • Christine Kramar

    I would love to catch Chris Angel or LOVE

  • Aaron

    I’d love to check out the Elvis show on the 14th…preferably at 7pm.

    I blog at picturepundit.com and would love to talk about this an interesting social marketing experiment. I can be reached at aaron@hockleyphoto.com


  • Kristi

    I would have wanted to Believe, but they don’t have any availabilities that week. 🙁

    • Jamie Helmick

      Hi Kristi!

      Would you like to see a different show? Viva ELVIS is our newest, maybe that? If you’ll reply to this with your e-mail address, we’ll get in touch to coordinate tickets.



  • Audrey

    Would love to see Zumanity and LOVE on Friday.

    I’m the managing director for the newly formed Girls in Tech Detroit and will blog there and possibly on the GIT global blog.

    I can be reached at audrey@girlsintech.net


  • Anne-Marie Nichols for Mom Central Travels

    Jessica, thanks for doing this again for BWE attendees! I’d love to get two tickets (my husband will be with me) to see Viva Elvis at 9:30 on October 15. Since I run a food blog, I will be posting it at Mom Central Travels (I’m the managing editor there). Of course, it will be tweeted at my twitter account as well as both Mom Central’s Twitter accounts.

    Please contact me at annemarie@momcentral.com or @amnichols.

  • Sarah Oriel

    I would love to see Ka on Oct 14th or 15th! I am a first time BlogWorld attendee and am registered for the full conference. I can post the review on both personal blogs http://planetjosh.squarespace.com http://sarahndipity.onsugar.com as well as BlogHer ( I can submit it as a potentially syndicated post). I also write for Momversation.com and can see if they would be interested in a piece on it, especially as my oldest son and I are martial artists.


  • Lisa Morosky

    I’d love to see Mystere. Heard from others last year that it was really good. I’ll post a review on http://LisaMorosky.com (like I did last year). Email is lisa (at) vaforbloggers (dot) com.

    Thanks for the opportunity again this year!

  • Nathan Hangen

    I’d love to see Mystere, and I’d review on Twitter (where I spend most of my time: @nhangen), my podcast: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/nathan-hangen/id311127536.

    I’m also over at nathanhangen.com, and can send an email to my newsletter.

    How’s that for bang for the buck!


    I’m on a panel with @lisamorosky too, so it’s perfect.

  • Miss Britt

    Wow, what a great offer for BlogWorld attendees!!

    I’d be open to either Zumanity or Mystere on Sunday the 17th or Elvis on the 15th at 7pm.

    I’ll be reviewing the show at:

    http://uptake.com/blog or http://attractions.uptake.com/blog

    I will probably also be writing about it on http://www.miss-britt.com, but that’s not a review site so it wouldn’t be an extensive review of the show. 🙂

    My email address is britt at miss-britt.com

    Thanks again for the incredible opportunity!

  • Kathy Nicholls

    I’d love to do this as I’ve never seen one of your shows. I’d really like to see Viva Elvis, however, either show would be great. I would post it to my personal blog at http://kathynicholls.com as well as Facebook and Twitter. Would also do a review for my MT site at http://mttoolsonline.com. I’m open to either date. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kirsten Wright

    I am attending with a friend of mine (on twitter, @vetlovingpetsHB), and we are arriving to Vegas a day early just so that we could see some shows and experience Vegas. I saw Zumanity last time I was there and fell in love with the CIrque shows. We would love to see the Mystere show on Wednesday night, the 13th (9:30pm preferred).

    I will be writing about my entire trip on my blog (www.wrightcreativity.com/blog) including all restauarants, the hotel and any and all shows that we attend. I am going to try and let my audience really feel what Vegas and Blogworld are like. I addition, I will be twitpic’ing as much as I can and sharing it on Facebook.

    my email is kirsten@wrightcreativity.com
    Twitter: @kirstenwright

  • Henry Balanon

    I would love to check out the beatles show.

  • lltooljay

    Jessica –
    Wow! Thanks for a chance at something I never thought possible.
    Must admit, I’m having trouble nailing down the shows and schedules for Oct. 13th, but would love to see “KA” or “Criss Angel” – ANY (really) at the 7:00 pm time on Oct. 13th (Wed).
    Would “review” on several platforms, but would be perfect for (relaunch) of “notes from an unquite mind’ [http://lltooljay.wordpress.com]
    And – yes – Full Access Attendee at bwe2010.
    Thank you so much! And, viva Las Vegas, BlogWorld 2010 and Cirque du Soleil!

  • lltooljay

    Whoa! Excitement had me typing pretty fast… that would be “unquiet” — “notes from an unquiet mind”
    And, e-mail (should it be more convenient to post than the “SYM registration” data) is llcontact9000@gmail.com

  • Kipp Bodnar

    Great marketing idea Jess! Would love to be involved.

    The show you want to see: Viva Elvis

    A link to where you’ll be posting your review (Your blog, podcast, YouTube, etc): Blog DigitalCapitalism.com as well as Vimeo and Youtube.

    Your email address so we can contact you: Kipp.BodnarATGmailDOTcom

  • DaveMurr

    This will be my 1st trip back to BlogWorld since the very first one, which I believe was 2007. Is that right?

    It’s been great to see this conference grow, and this year’s program looks like it will be a winner.

    Being a musician and long time Beatles fan, I’d be very interested in reviewing LOVE.

    I’d be happy to post my review on my blog http://www.themurr.com/. I’d also post updates and pics (when possible as I know security is big there) on my Twitter stream http://twitter.com/DaveMurr and post a video review on my YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/DaveMurr09. Of course I also re-post much of my content on my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/DaveMurr

    I can be reached at emthemurr@gmail.com

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Henry Balanon

    Whoops. Need to add that I like the 7p show and I will post it on Balanon.com. I’d like to see the elvis one as well. My email is Henry@Balanon.com @balanon

  • Dan Pacheco

    I’d like to see “Love”. I can post a review on my blog (http://www.futureforecast.com/blog) and promote it to my 1,000+ followers on Twitter: http://twitter.com/pachecod.

  • Jennifer Myers

    I will be attending BlogWorld and would love to see the Cirque du Soleil show! I’d love to do a video review on and post it on YouTube and my Facebook page.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Jennifer Myers

  • Pavel

    Would love to see the Viva ELVIS on 14th or 15th (doesn’t matter what time either). I’ll be posting review on our blog at BlogConsulting.com

    Would love two tickets – for me and my business partner.

    pavel [at] firmdot.com

    Thank you!

  • Shawn Christenson

    Even tho I saw Mystere in 2001, i’d love to see it again. When I walked out of it the first time, I bought the soundtrack immediately. I also got back home to Canada and actively pursued trying to get a position at Cirque. I was so creatively inspired I wanted to work at Cirque somehow. It never panned out (obviously) but I still greatly respect the company and the founder for what they’ve created.

    I’d like to attend with Nathan and Lisa – so the same date.

    my email is: me(at)shawnchristenson.com

    What I envision -since I love working with video – I would do a video review and it would be posted to YouTube. I also have an idea of how I would work it into a relevant post on my blog at http://www.morethanawebmaster.com. I also have something else in the works that I don’t wish to disclose just yet, but I’d work it into that as well.

  • Corina

    Wow what an awesome idea!

    I’d love to see Zumanity or Mystere, and I LOVE Criss Angel
    Wed, Thurs is ideal but I’m flexible – and for the record, I do speak French, just can’t figure out the accents in this field 🙂

    I write for http://www.supernova.com – a music,entertainment outlet aimed at independent artists. Cirque strikes a great chord with independent artists, as they have such reverence for the time and effort that goes into the performance.

    I’d also like to include a review in my relaunched personal blogs http://www.correlations.ca and disciprine.com – the former will follow my Blogworld adventure, from winning the all access pass from Mashable to hitting up a score of events. The latter will relaunch to take a tongue in cheek look at the ‘fun’ aspects of the trip, and I’d love to promote the Cirque shows as one of several ‘perks’ being extended during my stay.

    I’ve never seen a Cirque show, would love to go!

    email: corecorina@hotmail.com
    twitter: @corecorina

  • Patricia

    This will be my first time at BlogWorld and I can’t wait. Currently taking a freshworkshop.com online class on building a website and it will be up and running totally within another week. In fact it exists now but moving content from my blog (seagreenslive.com) over to it. Would love 2 tiks to see Zumanity but happy with one for the 10/15 9 pm show first choice. Again happy with either time. Will post to http://www.sourcesunltd.com, and will pitch to beblogalicious.com (what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas during BlogWorld) and blackatlas.com as re things to do while in Vegas. My contact is jzshore@gmail.com

  • Rick Daino

    Would love to see Chris Angel Believe. I’ll be posting a review on my YouTube channel. Email is rickd@surewest.net

  • Amy

    I would LOVE to see LOVE!! Aside from my Blog World schedule I’m completely open as far as dates go. I will be posting on youtube.com/schmittastic and also embedding it on my blog wakingupamy.wordpress.com. My e-mail is amyschmittauer@gmail.com.

  • Jeffrey L. Cohen

    This is my first BlogWorld, but it would be my second Cirque show in Vegas. Looking forward to seeing Elvis spinning from the ceiling.

    The show you want to see: Viva Elvis

    A link to where you’ll be posting your review (Your blog, podcast, YouTube, etc): Blog DigitalPapercuts.com

    Your email address so we can contact you: jeffATjeffreylcohenDOTcom

  • James Johnson

    Hi Jessica, I would love to post a review of Beatles Love for Inquisitr.com (7 million+ pageviews per month). We are one of the top entertainment and technology websites in Australia and we have a huge U.S. visitor presence.

    I’ve actually seen Cirque shows before and have loved them all. You can reach out to me here or Twitter: @Techobsessed I’ll also ping you on Twitter.

  • Troy Steward

    All of them sound great, but if I had to narrow it down I would like to see Elvis, Ka, or Zumanity. I will be writing all of my blog entries for BWE, to include this show if I get a chance to go, at http://www.youserved.com. You can reach me at troy@youserved.com

  • Jaime

    I’d love to see Mystere (with Shawn, Nathan and Lisa if possible!)

    I’d post a review on my blog: http://www.eventualmillionaire.com/blog/

    I just saw Totem, and have a few friends in Cirque- love what you do. My email address is jaime@eventualmillionaire.com

    If Mystere isn’t available I would love to see Elvis at any point. 🙂

  • Mark Madsen

    Awesome, thanks for the opportunity, Jessica.

    I’ll make sure I write a couple killer reviews. 🙂

    Here’s the info:

    >The show you want to see


    I’m local, so I’d be perfectly happy and grateful for any day you have open. My wife and I have new twins, so I’d love to surprise her with a date night.

    >A link to where you’ll be posting your review (Your blog, podcast, YouTube, etc)

    My new Las Vegas community site – http://vegashomegroup.com
    I’ll also syndicate it around a few of my other local community living sites

    >Your email address so we can contact you


    Thanks again

  • Angela Crocker

    An excellent piece of public relations, Jessica. Thank you for making this offer to BlogWorld attendees.

    My first choice would be to see ‘O’ but I’d also be interested to see KA, Mystere, Love or Elvis in that order of preference. Would it be possible to see a matinee on Sunday, Oct 17? I’m staying over an extra night to explore Las Vegas and a theatre experience tops my list of “must dos”.

    I would review the show on one or more of the following:
    http://www.gvpta.ca (guest post as I am a Board member of the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance)

    All three are well supported with Twitter, Facebook and other social tools. The Book Broads also create podcasts at http://www.audioboo.fm/TheBookBroads.

    You can email me here angela@beachcombercommunications.com or catch me on Twitter. I’m @AngelaCrocker.

    And just to confirm, yes, I’m attending BlogWorld.

    Angela Crocker

  • Barbara Bailey

    I’ll be in town from Wednesday – Sunday, and would love to attend a 7:30 show of Mystère any evening, Weds-Sat.

    I will review it on my opinionated, odd, and occasionally humorous blog: http://weirdenough.com I’ll also link to the post from http://twitter-fail.com

    You can reach me at babbsela(at)gmail.com


  • Joshua

    I would like to see Viva Elvis and or LOVE. I’ll review the shows on my blog vegasmavens.com and website mavensvegas.com I’ll be in Vegas from the 13th through the 18th. My email is josh@mavensvegas.com

  • David Risley

    I’d like to see “O”, actually. But, even though I’ve seen Mystere, I wouldn’t mind seeing it again and heading over with my pals Lisa, Nathan and Shawn (see above). So if that works out, same time and section as them. 🙂

    My blog is http://www.davidrisley.com and my email is me[at]davidrisley.com.

  • Janis

    The show I want to see is Elvis..or any of them really. Best date would be 15th at 9:30PM. I’ll be attending BWE10 with Catherine Calhoun. Her FIL’s name is Elvis…if that helps us any. 😉
    A link to where I’ll be posting my review is http://sneakpeekatme.com or alternately as a story about BWE10 on http://ShePosts.com where I am a contributor.
    Your email address so we can contact you: janis{at}sneakpeekatme.com

  • Heather Macdonald

    I would really enjoy seeing LOVE. I was at a premiere for the documentary “All Together Now” on how this production came together and I’ve been anxious to see the show ever since. I’ve never been to Cirque Du Soleil show and I know this would be a great first to add to my blog: http://110firsts.com. It’s my first time at BlogWorld and this would make my experience even more exciting! Would prefer to see the 7pm show on Friday if possible.

    I would definitely be posting text and photo updates to Twitter about the show here: http://twitter.com/HMacdonald. I would also be glad to post a video review to my YouTube channel as well: http://youtube.com/hmacdonald10

    Thanks for your consideration!

  • Trisha Verma

    I’d love to see and review either KA or Mystere on my blog at TrishaVerma.com. I would also be posting Twitter updates at http://www.twitter.com/tverma29.

    This is my first time attending BlogWorld, and I couldn’t be more excited! I can be reached at tverma29@gmail.com.


  • Becky Carroll

    Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for reaching out to the BlogWorld community again! Here is your requested information:

    – I would love to see LOVE! Either show on 10/16 would be great. If that isn’t available, Elvis would also be great.
    – I will post my review on my blog, Customers Rock!, at http://customersrock.net, and also link it to my Twitter (http://twitter.com/bcarroll7) and my Facebook page (http://facebook.com/rebeccacarroll).
    – My email is bcarroll7@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  • Philippe Gauthier

    Would love to see Mystere on October 14th at 7:00. (2 tickets if possible!)

    I will be posting my reviews on tripadvisor.com, facebook, yelp.com and virtualtourist.com (where I normally review shows and hotels)

    I am attending BlogWorld with my spouse.

    My email is philippeloris@gmail.com

  • Steve Jones

    I would like to see CRISS ANGEL. We would post our review on our blog and we are attending the Blog World Conference.

    Steve Jones


    steverjones@mindspring.com and vwilkes1@austin.rr.com

  • Mike

    Thanks so much for the offer!! My forthcoming blog/podcast site isn’t completed yet (part of the reason why I’m going to BlogWorld!), but it will soon reside at http://www.transithistory.org and, though it’s not a related subject matter, I’d love to include a review in a planned Vegas-related post and podcast segment. I would also happily call in a review to my favorite Vegas podcast, Five Hundy by Midnight.

    I’d love to see LOVE, though Viva Elvis, Zumanity, or Mystere would surely be equally fun. I saw KA a few years back and loved every minute!

    I’ll be attending BlogWorld on Friday and Saturday with the Weekend Pass and in town through Sunday evening, so whichever date is best would be fine, if available.

    Thanks again!


    Mike Prescott

  • Lua

    It would be amazing to see LOVE or ZUMANITY.
    Since the 1st day of BlogWorld is hubby & my wedding anniversary, I am dragging him with me to Vegas and it would be an amazing treat to see a show!
    I’d post video (via youtube) and pictures on my blog <3

  • Lua

    My blog is at http://boardingtheMOTHERship.blogspot.com


  • Jeff Ryan

    The show you want to see: Viva Elvis

    A link to where you’ll be posting your review:
    I can cross post it several places:
    *Our new company blog launching October 1, 2010 : http://www.focusinmedia.com
    We have hundreds of corporate and government clients nationwide that will receive our blog.

    *Here on BlogWorld, as part of the BlogWorld experience.

    Your email address so we can contact you: Email: jeff.ryan@mediagofer.com

    Yes, My wife and I are attending BlogWorld (part of the Social Media Team)

  • Wendy Cherwinski

    I would really appreciate the opportunity to see Mystere.
    My review will be posted on my blog at http://www.echeloncomm.ca. I will also include a story in my e- newsletter, Podium, which goes out to an audience largely made up of Canadian public servants.
    I am registered to attend blogworld.
    You can reach me at words@echeloncomm.ca

    Than you so much!

  • Morgan waldron

    The show I want to see: viva Elvis, either day.

    I am currently a social media specialist for Langdon Flynn Communications.

    Where I’ll be posting:
    Twitter: @langdonflynn & lvsocialmedia
    Facebook.com/langdonflynn & /Morgan.d.Waldron & /lvsocialmedia
    YouTube.com/langdonflynn & /lvsocialmedia
    As well as sending to media sites http://www.vegasnews.com & http://www.vegasdeluxe.com

    *yes, I will be attending blog world to network and learn about social media & blogging.

    Email Morgan.d.Waldron@gmail.com

  • Josephine Merolli

    Hi there, I would love to see in order of desire: Mystere, KA, or Viva Elvis on Friday October 15th or Saturday the 16th. (anytimes)

    Would love to get two tickets if possible! I am attending blogworld for the first time with my friend Rina.
    I book trips to Vegas and New York City for people 50+ (in age) and above and decided to begin a website dedicated to it, so far I am posting just on twitter, and have built email lists. I would post my review(s) to my list which so far has over 2000+ on it. As well, I post regularly on mooneyontheatre.com, blogto.com, as well as torontoist.com

    My groups take my recommendations and since I will be booking group trips, and posting alongside to accompany the trips, this would be a great opportunity. I’m also Canadian and so is Cirque (i know, cheesy!)

    my email is Josephinemer@rogers.com

  • Ricardo Bueno

    I’d love to attend Zumanity or LOVE. I recognize the photo in this post from Zumanity (which I think is amazing). Mystere and KA rock of course but I’ve never seen LOVE.

    Blog: http://www.ricardobueno.com | ribeezie (at) gmail (dot) com

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