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BlogWorld Attendees: Learn How You Can Attend a Cirque Show!


It’s almost here, my favorite time of year in Las Vegas – BlogWorld! Personally and professionally, BlogWorld has been a wonderful event and I know this year will be even better. For the past two years I’ve loved showing off our Cirque du Soleil shows to attendees, we have seven shows in Las Vegas now! So again this year I would like to invite bloggers to attend one of our shows in exchange for writing a review. Whether you’re experiencing Cirque for the first time or the tenth time, your Vegas trip is not complete without hitting one of our incredible shows.

To coincide with the BlogWorld parties at Aria on October 14 and 15, I’ve set up a block of tickets for Viva ELVIS, our newest show (7 and 9:30 p.m.) so you can check it out either before or after.

Tickets are also available on other dates for CRISS ANGEL Believe, Mystère, KÀ, Zumanity and LOVE.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. To qualify you have to leave a comment on this post with:
    • The show you want to see
    • A link to where you’ll be posting your review (Your blog, podcast, YouTube, etc)
    • Your email address so we can contact you
  2. There is limited availability so be sure to sign up ASAP
  3. You have to be attending BlogWorld

For more info on Cirque du Soleil, follow us @cirque and experience us at Facebook.

See you at BlogWorld!

Jessica Berlin /@jessberlin
Social Media Manager for Cirque du Soleil


  • Steve Hall

    I’d love to see Zumanity ot Love or anything, really. I’m staying until Monday after Blogworld so a show on Sunday would work if that’s a possibility. Thanks. Jess.

  • EvilSlutClique

    We’d love to see Zumanity. (There are two of us.) Our review would be posted on our main blog: http://evilslutopia.com/. Zumanity seems like it would be a perfect fit for our blog. We would also tweet about it. (@EvilSlutClique). You can reach us at info@escforevermedia.com.

  • Rob Birgfeld

    Hi there– great idea to reach out to this community. I would definitely be interested in checking out one of the late(r) shows on Friday or Saturday night (especially Mystère, KÀ, or Zumanity) with my wife. Looking forward to connecting– as I think I’d have some good ideas as to what would make a good post. Thanks.

  • Jennifer B.

    Love to see a show this year. I emailed you details. Special Thanks Jessica for putting this on again.

  • Rob Cottingham

    I’d love to see either Ka or Mystère. You can reach me at rob@robcottingham.ca.

  • Jeff Ryan

    I hope we get to see the Viva Elvis show! I promose to promote the show via our blog and have staff of social engagers will promote the show via twitter, identica, etc. Our blog site is http://www.focusinmedia.com. My wife and I are attending the Blogworld Expo October14-18. Thank you.

  • Ron Meyer

    I would love to see the Criss Angel early show at the Luxor on Friday, October 15th. I would need two tickets.
    I would post a review on my blog, but also mention it on both Twitter and Facebook. I have 34,000 followers on Twitter, and 5,000 friends on Facebook.

  • Susan Bratton

    Thanks, Jessica.
    I’d like tix (4 or 2) for KA at 9:30 on Friday the 15th or on Saturday at 7. Thank you so much if you can accomodate.
    Warm Regards,
    Susan Bratton

  • Michael Stenger

    This is fantastic of you! I’d love to go see, well, LOVE. Heard good things.

    I’ll be leaving a review on my blog, http://www.MikeStenger.com and my email is mike@mikestenger.com

    Thanks again!

  • Aileen

    How Fantastic!
    I’d love to see Zumanity and review it on my blog http://www.kaizenvision.com
    I would tweet about it as well as add links from facebook.
    My email address is aileen@kaizenvision.com

    I’ll be at BlogWorld from Wednesday through Sunday morning. 🙂

  • Adam Jackson

    I’d love a pass for two to see Ka or Elvis. I saw the beetles show last year and it was amazing!

  • Paula Owner of Diabetic Dog

    Hi, I would love to see either

    – Mystere or the Elvis show (or any show is those are not available)
    – Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening.
    – I would review on my blog http://www.travelwithpaula.blogspot.com, post to Facebook and Twitter, & Tumblr & Squidoo
    – My e-mail is paula7928 at aol.com

    I love taking photos and am happy to include photos in my review if photos are allowed

    Please let me know if you need more info.

  • Scott Tibbs

    I would love 1 ticket to Zumanity for Friday, October 15th at 10:00pm. I am just getting into the blogging world so I would review it on Facebook and tweet about it.

  • Lauren Houston MacEwen

    I would love to see Ka or Elvis. I first saw Cirque when I was a kid in Toronto in a big tent in ontario place. That was 23 years ago. Both Cirque and I have grown a lot since then. For instance I am no longer 10, ha ha. I would be honored to blog a review and I can compare my experience to when I was a child. I will blog it at http://www.smcubedconsulting.com with cross promotion on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Douglas Haider


    First of all, thank you soooooo much for the generous offer (as emphasized by the extra o’s). I would *love* to review one of the Cirque shows on my blog http://WiFiJedi.com

    I JUST finished reading the book “The Spark: Igniting the Creative Fire That Lives Within Us All” and would love to see either Viva ELVIS or Zumanity on either the 14th or 15th (2 tickets, if possible). I have already seen all the other shows you have listed — they were all so wonderful in their own unique ways!

    I suppose there is no live-blogging from the show via Twitter, is there? 😉


  • MOI

    . I would definitely be interested in checking out one of the shows on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night -Mystère, KÀ, or Zumanity.. I have some good ideas as to what would make a good post.

  • Stefanie

    We would love to attend either showing of Viva ELVIS. There are 3 of us:

    Stefanie Fauquet – MommyMusings.com (s.fauquet@gmail.com)
    Shannon Lane – TravelingMamas.com (shannon@shannonlane.com)
    Leigh Caldwell – ThemeParkMom.com (lmcaldwell72@yahoo.com)


  • Renee Alexander Hamilton

    * The show you want to see: VivaElvis or any other really
    * A link to where you’ll be posting your review (Your blog, podcast, YouTube, etc): will review at luckyrenee.com as well as other sites
    * Your email address so we can contact you: reneeahamilton@gmail

  • Kathy Jacobs

    What a great offer, Jessica! Thank you for supporting the attendees of BlogWorld! I would love to see Mystère, KÀ, Zumanity or LOVE! I would be blogging after about it on my main blog (http://vitaminch.com/blogs) as well as on my amplify blog (http://callkathy.amplify.com).

    I will be in Vegas through Monday late afternoon, so a Sunday show would really rock. If no tickets are available for Sunday for this opportunity, then any of the other three nights (Thursday, Friday, or Saturday) would work fine.

    You can contact me more directly at bwe2010@vitaminch.com

  • Alli

    I’d love to see a show on Tuesday the 12th if there are tickets available! My first choice would be Zumanity, but if that’s not available, I’ll take what is.

    I blog here at the BlogWorld blog, but I think others might already be posting reviews for BlogWorld, so I can instead post a review on http://www.AfterGraduation.net and also do a video review for YouTube. If Zumanity tickets are available, I’m also able to do a guest post on an erotic-friendly blog owned by a friend of mine, since that fits into the style of the show.

    Email is allison@abcontentonline.com

  • Wade Kwon

    I’d love to see KÀ on 10/13 if possible. Review will be at wadekwon.com.

    Please e-mail me at wade [at] wadekwon.com.


  • Chelsea Pearl

    It would mean the world if I had the chance to see Elvis during my trip to BlogWorld. Friday 10/15 at 7:00pm would be my ideal pick, but 9:30pm would also work. I’ve seen Mystère and LOVE in Vegas, as well as Ovo when it came to San Francisco. You just can’t go wrong with a Cirque show!

    Chelsea Pearl

  • Barbara Bellesi

    I would “love” to see LOVE on Saturday, October 16–I will be there for BlogWorld. I blog for CollegeBound.net, and it just so happens that a college friend of mine is one of LOVE’s stage managers. Not only would I tweet about it @CollegeBoundNet, but I would do a follow-up blog about it and perhaps include a Q and A with my friend on her career with Cirque du Soleil. THANKS!

  • Zac Johnson

    Count me in. I would like to see KA or Mystere, and I will blog about this at ZacJohnson.com. (need two tickets). Thanks!

  • Heather in BC

    Hi Jess,

    This is such a wonderful offer – thanks. I attended LOVE last time and blogged it – it took me back 40 years – lol – and I highly recommend it.

    I’d love two tickets to Viva ELVIS if possible for Friday, October 14 at 7:00.


    Thanks so much 🙂


  • Lori

    I’d love to see Chriss Angel with my husband. I can review on acowboyswife.com or elivingmedia.com or both if you can get both me and my man in. Our first ever “honeymoon” 18 years later!
    @Acowboyswife on twitter!

    We’ll be in Vegas from the 14-17 for Blogworld!

  • Lori

    I just wanted to add that we’d see the Elvis show too…have no clue what any of them really are because we’ve never done anything like this. LOL 😉

  • Daynah

    Hi Jessica!

    This is very generous of Cirque du Soleil! I would love to participate if this possible. 🙂 The Beatles last year was one of my favorite highlights at Blogworld!

    Show: Ka
    Link: http://dolphinia.net
    Email: daynah @gmail.com

    And yes I’ll be at Blogworld Thursday!

  • Katja Presnal

    Hi, thank you so much for generous offer! I would love to see any show on Thursday, and really interested in the Viva Elvis. I would like to have two tickets.

    I would blog about it at

  • Courtney Velasquez

    I’d like to go to Viva Elvis on Thursday (2 tix if possible). I’ll post on http://detroitmommies.com. detroitmommies(at)gmail. Thanks!!!

  • Nadia Aly

    Hi I would like to see Elvis on Friday
    My site is NadiaAly.com


  • Heather in BC

    Oh, my comment isn’t showing up 🙁

    I’d love to go to Viva ELVIS Friday night at 7pm.


  • Kim Janocko

    I would love to see Chris Angel or LOVE I will be in Vegas for BWE Oct 13-16, 2 tickets would be great!
    I will review on my site http://www.craftymamaof4.com
    email, Kim@craftymamaof4.com

  • Sandy Jenney

    I would love to see Viva Elvis on Thursday and would love 2 tickets if possible!
    I would post on http://www.organizewithsandy.com/blog and http://www.chatwithsandy.com
    Thanks so much!!

  • Zipporah Sandler

    Viva Elvis would be so much fun! I’d love to review it. I’d be available on Thursday and I’d love 2 tickets if at all possible. Here are some of my outlets


    This is incredibly generous of you. zipporahs(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Kelly

    Hi Jessica!

    Can you please email me with details on the other dates and times available? I’d love to see Criss Angel Believe or LOVE… actually I would love to see anything Cirque puts out. The Thursday time is no good for me though.

    KellyLoubet at gmail dot com

    I’d post on my blog http://www.everydaychildhood.com
    I’d Whrrl a story on whrrl.com
    And I’d tell my viewers about my experience on my live weekly broadcast on MomTv.com

    Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you!


  • Adam Huda

    1. The Beatles LOVE, Zumanity
    2. http://adamhuda.com
    3. huda@posterous-inc.com

    Thanks for you consideration. I’m looking forward to the Expo (and hopefully a show!).

  • Murray

    I would love to some ad see Elvis on Friday
    My site is murraynewlands.com

  • Mike Evans

    I’d love to see Zumanity (if not, Mystere). Need two tickets, if possible. I’ll be posting about it at http://gloriouslasvegas.com

    e-mail me at mpevans at gmail . com

    Many thanks,


  • Yukari Peerless

    I arrive on the 12th and I’d love to see Mystere or KA if possible-otherwise I will take anything 🙂
    I’ll be posting the review on http://www.yukaripeerless.ca, I also have a YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/EngageRY where I’d be happy to talk about the show.
    Email is yukari at yukaripeerless.ca


    Thanks so much!

  • Sachin Agarwal

    Hey guys,

    If there are tickets still available, I’d love 2 for Elvis on Friday at 9:30. I can post my review here:



  • Sara Mitchell

    I’d love to review Beatles LOVE! I’d tweet about it on @ofthebad and write a review on my personal blog, http://www.ofthebad.com.

    saramwrap AT livejournal DOT com

  • Megan Enloe

    I would love to see Mystère, KÀ, or LOVE but I will only be there Thur. and Fri. and would love to see the Elvis show. I haven’t seen a Cirque show in years so I would be thrilled with any seat you can find for me at any show:-) I’ll be talking about it on PodcastJunky post Blogworld episode which will also have an approximate transcript posted as a blog.

  • Eileen Ludwig

    I would like to attend LOVE. I will be posting the review on my website http://www.freelancetourist.com. I am open to dates and times and can see the show as late as Monday October 18thth, 2010.

    Thank you for the opportunity..

  • Rustin Banks

    I would love to see O, KA, or LOVE (in that order) Friday night at 9:30.

    Will review at rustinbanks.com and mention on twitter @rustinb. Email me at rusty.banks@gmail.com Thanks!!

  • Scott Tibbs

    I would love 1 ticket to Zumanity for Friday, October 15th at 10:00pm. I am just getting into the blogging world so I would review it on Facebook and tweet about it. Please email me at scott@britncole.com. Thanks!

  • Eileen Ludwig

    hello, I am interesting in Love email is 2signup4now AT gmail DOT com

    Saturday early, Sunday late or Monday

  • Cindy Ronzoni

    Dear Jessica,
    My friend Annie Horne and I would like to attend Cirque’s Elvis show if possible tonight, Thursday or tomorrow night Friday. We’d prefer tonight however for Vegas is not Vegas without spending time with Elvis. I would review your show for my communications/digital PR blog, Honestly….at http://www.cindyronzoni.com. I organize events in the entertainment industry and thus would like to see how you’ve merged two giant brands into one show. We both are attending Blogworld Expo.

    Thank you.

    You can contact me via my email – cronzoni @ gmail dot com.

    Thank you.

  • Wade Kwon

    I posted my review of “KA” today. Feel free to check it out.



  • BustA Groove

    Will those that purchase a BlogWorld LA 2011 Expo Pass (includes PodCamp) admission be invited to the Cirque du Soleil “IRIS” performance BlogWorld LA Expo this year?

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