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65% Of Marketers Surveyed Say They Do Not Use Twitter


For five years now I have been saying Social Media (I still prefer to call it New Media) is still in it’s infancy. Here is the latest proof. In SmartBlog’s most recent weekly reader poll they asked:

What do you think of Twitter’s new home page design?

Surprisingly for some more than 65% of their readers said they don’t even use Twitter.

  • I don’t use Twitter, 65.10%
  • Love it, 22.15%
  • Complaining about it now, but I’ll probably get used to it, 10.07%
  • Can’t stand it, 2.68%

Now when you think about this response for a moment its even more significant. This is a reader poll by a site that has a very social media savvy readership. That tells me the real number of marketers who aren’t using Twitter is even greater.

Just keep reminding yourself every time you think New Media has finally really blown up and hit the big time you have not seen anything yet. Am I crazy?


  • Leah

    That’s interesting. i wonder how that plays out internationally too with marketers.

  • alli

    Those results are nuts! I wonder why these people aren’t using twitter? Lack of time? Or they just don’t understand how valuable it can be?

  • Klaus Doring

    Twitter is valuable. I used it as well as Facebook.

  • gazzan

    Yes its true,
    most web masters using twitter. but lack of reader.

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