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Keep It Simple, Stupid


Keep It Simple, Stupid are 4 words I never heard growing up. I have always had a secret love affair with all things food, heavily-concentrated-ingredient food at that. I grew up on Mom’s meatloaf, homemade macaroni and cheese, super meat and potato pie, roast beef and lasagna. I longed for anything cake, bread and ice-cream related.

And then just a few short years back, I found out I had a form of colitis and an inflamed esophagus. My diet suddenly took a drastic change and went from an unhealthy, all out love affair, to a basic “kiss.”

Keep It Simple, Stupid (K.I.S.S.): I blog the way I eat. I eat the way I blog. I have a saying, “Cut the ingredients. Clear the clutter. Simple. Zen.” Those who follow my Blog, Confessions, Truths & the Journey of a (Mis) Fortunate Foodie-Fitness Junkie, know that I am 100% gluten free, I only eat the best dairy products, I don’t do artificial or preservatives and for the most part everything about my diet (and my life in general) is plain and simple.

The food blogging population is on the rise! I am thrilled, as I love reading and learning from other people. But with this rapid growth comes the need for differentiation and focus. Differentiate yourself and your blog, while trying to focus on a certain aspect of food. Figure out what type of food blog you will be most interested in creating and “marry” that with who you are as an individual.

But how do you take your passion for food, differentiate yourself and then translate it all into your own Food Blog?

Here are 8 Ideas:

  1. Category Specific: Ex. “Just a Bean Pole” (All about beans, from shopping for them to cooking with them and recipes that use them.) Take a category of food you are interested in and focus on that. You might be surprised how many people want to reach about these “niche” foods. If you have a category-specific passion, explore the idea.
  2. Diet Specific: Ex. “South Beach Bum” (All about the South Beach Diet.) Do you follow a specific diet and know everything about it? Share it! There are millions of people who follow specific diets. If you are knowledgeable about one and are able to share that information, you will make someone else’s life easier through your blog.
  3. Product Reviews: Ex. “Product As-Is” (All about your food and food-product reviews.) Are you always trying the latest in food and food-product items? If so, blog about it. Share what you know, what’s hot and what’s trendy.
  4. Geographic Specific: Ex. “Eatin’ San Francisco” (All about food and restaurants in San Francisco.) Are you a foodie who is always talking about local food, food products and events? Do you appreciate your geographic location as it relates to food more than most? If so, blog about it.
  5. “Profession” Specific: “Ms. Traveling Executive Gets an A+ in Nutrition.” (All about eating on the road, with a busy, mobile lifestyle.) Maybe you have a job which requires constant travel? Or maybe you’re a professional athlete with specific food requirements. If you fall into these types of categories, but yet have found true passion in food as a complement, chances are someone will be extremely interested in this content.
  6. “Illness” Specific: Ex. “My Bum Tum” (All about food for people living with Colitis.) With food allergies and intolerance on the rise, many people have had to change their diets. Newly diagnosed people are not sure where to turn. If you have lived it and know the great tips and tricks, share it. Someone will be looking for content like yours!
  7. Sport Specific: Ex. “Run. Eat. PR. Repeat.” (All about a runner’s diet.) Sports require food, typically a lot of food! Athletes that participate in running and triathlon events typically have high-caloric intakes. Sharing how you achieve this and make it work for your training is interesting and informational.
  8. Beverage Specific: Ex. “Java Nation” (All about coffee.) Food can also be beverage. And maybe beverage is your choice passion. Maybe you are the local wine connoisseur or you’re traveling the world looking for the best cup of coffee. Blog it!

Does your Food Blog have to fall under one of these (or any other) specific category or “theme?” Absolutely not! That being said, people are more likely to read and follow your blog when they appreciate the content, find it useful and feel a connection to it all. People do this by reaching for the “like me” portion of content to invest their time in.

Don’t make your food blog harder than it should be. Remember 3 things: Embrace your passion for food, enjoy the art of blogging and always K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)!

Sarah Kay Hoffman
Sarah Kay Hoffman is currently the Community Manager for the Sears Fit Club. She is an avid foodie-fitness blogger, and dives into all things social media and integrated marketing communications related. You can find her at www.sarahkayhoffman.com, www.digitalmention.com and on Twitter @SarahKayHoffman

Twitter: @SarahKayHoffman



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