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Many bloggers opt to monetize their blog. From placing banner links on their homepage to writing paid reviews, plenty of options exist for a blogger eager to earn money. Any of these can be great ways of making money.

For bloggers interested in earning revenue, Blogsvertise is an online service that helps bloggers get paid for writing reviews on their blog. Blogsvertise sends users assignments relevant to their site, and they then have the option of accepting or declining the ad.

We offer a variety of ad types for bloggers to choose from:

  • Paid reviews
  • Text links
  • Banner ads
  • Paid Per Click

We encourage bloggers that choose to write a paid entry to write their honest opinion of the product, service or site. Users also have the option to decline a task for any reason.

When it comes to writing paid posts, bloggers are required to disclose somewhere on their blog that they receive payment for their posts. We understand that it’s very important for readers to know this information.

As far as price goes, bloggers may set their own ad rates. They can choose a minimum payout rate, and they won’t receive any assignments lower than this. However, bloggers do not have to set their own rate if they are not sure what rate to choose. For those that don’t set their own rate, posts typically pay $10-20 on average.

Advertisers are looking for higher traffic blogs. These blogs appeal to our advertisers not only because they know more people will see their ads, but also because they know these blogs tend to have quality posts and grammar.

Bloggers with great content and good grammar can also become part of our blogger VIP Program. Bloggers in our VIP Program have a higher likelihood of receiving more tasks, higher payouts, and better assignments. Typically blogs with a lot of original content become part of our VIP Program. VIP Bloggers post frequently, respond to tasks regularly and often have more than one blog (though this is not required).

If you are interested in the VIP program, or just want to stop by and talk to us in general, please feel free to visit us at the Blog World Expo. You’ll be able to find us at booth number 512, and you can ask for me, Elizabeth. You can also join now using our blogger registration page.

We attended the show in 2007, and we can’t wait to be back! We’re looking forward to talking with bloggers, and we hope to see you there!

Elizabeth Frey is a team member at Blogsvertise and has been blogging for years. She is also an aspiring writer and recently started editing Blogging Hero, where she writes about how to make money blogging and provides other general tips for bloggers.

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