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Not Using AdSense? You Could Be Leaving Money on The Table


Daniel Scocco

BlogWorld 2010 Speaker
New Media Track
Friday October 15, 2010
Islander E/4

Time: 12:15PM to 1:15PM

When bloggers and webmasters start monetizing their websites they usually turn to Google AdSense. Why? Because it is one of the easiest ad networks to get accepted into, the implementation is straight forward, and the earnings are decent.

Over time, however, most people drop AdSense in favor of other monetization methods. Some start selling ad space directly to advertisers, others resort to affiliate marketing, others yet launch their own products. Many also use a combination of these three methods.

This is the route I followed too, and while I think it can be the right one, I found that completely removing AdSense from your monetization strategy can be a mistake. Below you’ll find why.

My Story

As most people, I also started monetizing my sites with Google AdSense. I still remember that first month (November 2005 if I am not wrong), when I made a whooping $15! It wasn’t much, but definitely enough to get me excited.

The earnings kept growing month after month, but once my sites reached a critical mass I changed the monetization strategy. I started selling my ads directly, and affiliate marketing became another important income source. As a result I removed Adsense from most of my sites.

Two years passed by.

Then one day one of my sponsors canceled a banner, and I decided to give AdSense one more chance. The eCPM I got was very high, so I figured that I should try to integrate AdSense into my websites again, along with the existing monetization methods.

Long story short after a couple of months and a lot of tweaking around I started making over $3,000 monthly from AdSense, and that was on top of what I was already making with the other income streams (e.g., selling ads directly, affiliate marketing and selling my own products).

That is why I think removing AdSense completely from the equation is a mistake. Even if you are already making a lot of money with other monetization methods you could still use AdSense as a complementary source.

My Blog World 2010 Presetantion

Obviously you need to know how to optimize Adsense if you want to make decent money with it. Simply dropping units here and there won’t work.

That is what my Blog World 2010 presentation is about. I’ll share the tips and tricks I learned optimizing AdSense on my websites over the years. The presentation will take place Friday, October 15, at 12:15pm.

If you want a quick tip to get started, here we go: Focus on the big AdSense units. Google itself confirmed a while ago that the top performing units are the 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 medium rectangle and the 160×600 wide skyscraper. If you want to make decent money with AdSense, you need to be able to use one of more of these units in your website.

I’ll see you in Vegas.

Daniel Scocco started developing blogs and websites in 2005. He is owner of DailyBlogTips.com , which is currently ranked among the top 500 blogs in the world according to Technorati, and among the top 100 marketing blogs in the world according to AdAge.


  • Edgar

    I make about 5-7 dollar each day with my website thru adsense, but I dont recomend adsense if your website is brand new or is not getting enough traffic. you have to remember that when some one clicks on your google adsense they leave your site. you cant force a new window to open.

    • Gian Faye

      Yes, it really sucks to be a new kid on the block. I just created my blog last month and had applied for AdSense three times and failed. Now, my account has been disabled. I’m not sure why but I remembered a time when an ad from my blog interests me so I clicked it and I was like “Oh shit I shouldn’t have clicked that!” So, I think that’s the reason why my account is now disabled for AdSense. Good thing there are other options. haha.

  • gazzan

    I have make blog from Blogger before 2 years. I didnt know about Adsense.after 2 year i added adsense to my blog.
    woooooow… imagin i could make $45 per day. i know that mean my blog is most traffic.

    Thanks to share.
    ( Sorry to my English )

  • Robert Latchford

    $3,000 a month is no small amount to make from Adsense which sites are providing this revenue and how many visitors do you need to achieve such a healthy cashflow?

  • Sebastian

    for many is easy to get into adsense…i have been trying for days still not approve…

  • Josh

    Wow $3,000 from Adsense that is a crazy amount. I’ve only heard of bloggers maybe making around $1500 a month. Congrats on that.

  • Author Shinoj

    This is a request to all the bloggers who earn through Adsense. What type of websites you have? How did you get traffic into your site? Does the title address of the blog really matters? What type of blog is good today? Can anyone help me in this regard pls.



    • Suresh

      hi anvesh
      go to
      Google adsense log in with your g mail or create a new account
      & set up adsense units

  • fr

    thank you for the tips..:D

  • Abdul Rahman

    Thanks for sharing . We are already bagging dollars from Adsense . It really cool money stream .

  • kpadaku

    ohhh dear…. I make about 0,5 – 1 dollar each day with my blog thru adsense…… 🙂

  • Suresh

    Thanks for your share,
    if a blogger is serious to earn money it is possible only with adsense monetizing.

  • Mr.Choice

    Wow, that is good money. You have got to be an incredible blogger in order to gain such an amount monthly.

  • nanta satria

    thank you very much sir for this info..
    I’m newbie…

  • Robert Latchford

    Daniel – can you list 2 or 3 of the sites where you are generating this type of revenue from.
    Would like to see what content you have and how long it took to build a following.

  • danna francisco


    Thanks for sharing this interesting article, I really want to ask how many days old or months old should my blog or website be so that my adsense application will not be rejected? I used to apply for adsense with my days old blog but adsense admin keeps on rejecting my application. What should I do? Your help will be valuable and much appreciated.

  • TinaMarie

    Hello My fellow bloggers,

    Please explain to a newbie such as myself, how to begin Adsense. What am I selling? How do I get started?

  • cottonvibes

    I’ve used google adsense for my small blog for over a year and have made only $7 total.
    It always amazes me how people are making thousands from it when I’ve made so little; how do people even get so much traffic to their blogs to make thousands a month.
    If i made $3000 a month from blogging i would quit my job and have a lot more free time to work on programming projects and school… :/

  • Sridar Raju

    Still i didn’t get Google Ad Sense approval. Always – Unacceptable Content -. What can i do for that. Help needed.

  • Jen

    I have my blog for a few month and only make $2 this is so bad, i don’t know what i did wrong 🙁

  • Kelli

    I’ve only made 61 cents so far. Well, at least its going somewhere.

    Kelli C

  • miena

    i try 2 made many of blog, but google adsence still not accept.. what my mistake???

  • ladyinpurple

    In my three years of blogging experience I’ve tried different ways on how to monetize your blog using my wordpress blogs but I end up using adsense in blogger blog.Adsense is very easy to use and the author is right.It’s a decent way of making money online.In order for your adsense to work though, you have to make quality posts that will draw universal audience (^__^)

    Nice post.

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