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Looking for a Job? Drop by the New Media Lounge at BlogWorld!


Conferences are a terrific place for job seekers to network and find a job. I should know, last March I was offered the Conference Director job for BlogWorld after hanging out with Rick Calvert and Dave Cynkin at South by Southwest. The thing is, most jobs aren’t advertised at conferences and unless you set up a meeting and interview before hand, it can be hard to know who is hiring and who is looking.

Until now…

This year we’re featuring an old fashioned job board in the BlogWorld New Media Lounge. Interested businesses can tack up their gigs so job seekers can copy down the details. And if you’re looking for work? Well, we have you covered too.

Here’s how it works:

  • BlogWorld will provide a large bulletin board in the lounge. Half of the board is dedicated to job ads, and the other half is dedicated to job seekers.
  • Blank 3 x 5 note cards will be available for use next to the bulletin board. Both job seekers and those looking to hire can place all of their details on one 3 x 5 card (each.)
  • You can fill out your cards before the conference and bring them with you, but they must be on a 3 x 5 card or they will be removed.
  • One 3 x 5 card per business or person.
  • Anyone spamming the board or putting up business cards or ads for websites or businesses will have them removed.
  • You may put your business card on your 3 x 5 card as long as you are also putting details for hiring or looking for a job.

I can name at least a dozen people who found work at conferences. Now you can too. Stop by the job board in BlogWorld’s New Media Lounge and tell everyone why they should hire you!



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