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Attention BlogWorld Speakers: It’s Time to Promote Your Sessions


I’m sure you can imagine how stoked we are to see all the positive but surrounding not only BlogWorld ’10, but also our speakers. Getting out the word and making sure each session has good representation can be a challenge, however. We try and do everything we can to promote our speakers, tracks, sessions and the entire event but we can’t devote as much attention to each speaker and session as we would like. Let’s face it, there are a lot of you.

In the upcoming weeks, you’re going to see sessions highlighted here on the blog(as many have have been already), in our newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter, but there’s only so much we can do. That’s why we’re encouraging all of our BlogWorld speakers to get out and toot their own horns.

  • Blog about your sessions.
  • Talk about your sessions and panels on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Create Facebook events and invite all your friends and fans.

BlogWorld is just about a month away. It’s time to start promoting your sessions – and we’ll help. If you blog about your talk, let us know and we’ll Tweet out the link and post it to our ever-growing Facebook page. If you Tweet, we’ll give you a reTweet. If you create a Facebook event, we’ll bring attention to that as well. Sending folks to your sessions is a team effort. We’re happy to help, but we hope you’ll do your part too!

How will you promote your session?


  • Brett Bumeter

    Hope this doesn’t come off as snarky, but if we haven’t heard one way or another if our session was accepted or denied, should we take that as a no? 🙂

  • Deb Ng

    Berry, you absolutely should have heard by now If not, the error is mine ill be intouch very soon.

    • Deb Ng

      Sorry about the “Berry,” Brett – my Droid’s suggested spelling are killing me.

  • Brett Bumeter

    lol, no worries. I get name mis-spellings all the time, although Berry or Barry hasn’t come up in a couple decades. 🙂

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