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Site Search from a Publisher’s Point of View


I recently had the chat with Lijit, an exhibitor at BlogWorld 2010 and a company that allows you to easily create your own search engine that encompasses your blog, bookmarks, photos, blogroll, and more! Lijit gave us an idea of the benefits of search and how their company differs from other search tools.

What are the benefits of site search?
When you first think about site search it may not seem all that interesting and that’s simply because most site owners and publishers think of their site search as a reader-side value proposition.  Basically, readers want to find content on my site and a search box allows them to do so – that much is obvious.  At Lijit we think that from a publisher’s point of view, search is arguably the most interactive component of your site.  It captures the specific and refined intent of your readership.  No other application, widget, or add-on has quite the same level of condensed and refined analysis of your content. 

How is Lijit different than other search tools?
Lijit is the only company that places the publisher in the center of their universe by helping them develop a true understanding of what their readership wants. When a publisher creates a Lijit account and begins building their very own custom search engine, we scour and index their site as well as the rest of their social content (Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) and affiliated sites (e.g. blogroll). All that content is rolled into a publisher’s custom search application. This helps them expose all of their online content (not just their site) to increase reader engagement and time on-site while reducing bounce rates. We provide detailed statistics on what readers are searching for and finding or even not finding! We do this completely free for publishers of all sizes.? 

If it’s all free, what is your business model?
We see incredible amounts of reader intent data through the tens of thousands of search engines we’ve built for publishers.  The same data we give back to our publishers is aggregated into categories and segments that are used to sell premium brand advertisers display ad campaigns.  Publishers in the Lijit network can apply to our ad platform, set a CPM threshold price, and install ad tags within minutes.  We then serve premium ads on their sites based on the intent data from millions of unique readers. Publishers in the Lijit network that want to make money can do so and those that don’t can still run their Lijit-built search engine with no obligation to run our ad platform. 

To download Lijit’s free custom search tool, visit: http://www.lijit.com/signup/start

Have you used Lijit? What are your thoughts?? ??

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