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Getting Readers to Love Your Link Love


Link love makes the blogging world go ’round. It’s really a form of social networking within your blog post. After all, if I see that someone linked me in one of their blog posts, I’m likely going to stop by their site and leave a comment, even if we aren’t friends.

There’s no wrong way to include link love in a post per se…but there are definitely ways that are more effective than others. If you want to show some appreciation for blog posts you love, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be conscious of SEO techniques. Basically, this boils down to linking using a keyword phrase that relates to their site or article, rather than the words “click here” or something otherwise unrelated. Think about the phrases you’d type into Google to get to the page you’re linking. Those are the words you should use when creating the link in your post.
  • Remember that titles aren’t always descriptive. The whole point of link love is to get readers to click through to other sites. If you use the title of the post as the anchor text for your link, include a bit of a description to go along with the link, unless the title is extremely straightforward. This may seem like Blogging 101, but I can’t tell you how many lists of links I’ve come across that don’t have any description whatsoever.
  • Spread out the link love. Your most faithful readers will pretty quickly come to realize which bloggers you personally enjoy, since you’ll likely mention them most often. There’s nothing wrong with promoting your friends and the blogs you like, but take some time to research other opinions on topics as well. Sometimes no-name bloggers have really interesting ideas! Try to link to a variety of people – friends, gurus in your niche, new bloggers, etc.
  • Have a theme for a link love list. Some people like to do weekly round-ups. That can be a great resource for your readers – but try to have some kind of theme, especially if you write in a very broad niche. Otherwise, it becomes an issue of why you’re including links from some blogs and not others.
  • Build a blog on more than just link lists. As much as I love link love, your readers want to hear your ideas too. Using links as a starting off point for blog posts works really well, but avoid posting only lists of links. If you find yourself scrambling to come up with post topics, maybe you need to rethink your niche.

Link, link, link. It’s called the “web” for a reasons. This series of tube wouldn’t work if no one linked to other blogs. Although you do want to keep people on your own site has much as possible, if you create a site that only references itself, you’ll be missing a lot of opportunities out there to provide your readers with the best information possible.



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