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Your iPhone is your Remote & Your iPad is your TV?


With the growing popularity of the iPhone and iPad – it seems everyone is in a rush to get them interactive and working with your television. Here are just some of the latest ways to use your devices to watch movies, television, and interact with fans of the same shows:

  • Teevox is a free iPhone app that gives users the ability to use their phone as a remote control for web content on Hulu (Hulu) or Netflix. You just select a show or movie from the app and Teevox will instantly start playing your selection in your computer’s browser. You can then use the app to pause, fast forward, change volume, and even interact with other viewers in live show-based chats.
  • Verizon released news that soon you’ll have the ability to watch television on your iPad if you are a Verizon FiOS subscriber! Slated for delivery next year, subscribers with an iPad will be able to watch linear programming within their own home while someone else watches another on the TV. Being at home allows Verizon to authenticate users and make sure they are only accessing the content for which they have paid. The iPad app, with a working title of What’s Hot, takes advantage of Verizon’s architecture, which [is] characterized as “cloud TV.” Over the past few months, Comcast, Cablevision, and Time Warner Cable have also demonstrated iPad app prototypes–though most of them involve remote control and DVR options, not live streaming.
  • HBO’s Eric Kessler tells Bloomberg that HBO Go will be available on the iPod and other mobile devices to the channel’s paying subscribers at no additional cost.
  • The Netflix app lets you stream movies directly to your iPad without waiting for them to arrive in your mailbox (subscription necessary!)
  • The ABC player gives you the ability to watch full episodes of your fave ABC shows again: Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, Desperate Housewives and more.

What apps are you using to watch TV and what are you watching?


  • Anonymous

    Yea FIOS app is great! You can use it for a remote control! Oh and the streaming thing… not so much. But hey you can use it as a remote control, prank your neighbors, change the channels from your wife’s favorite at critical times, and know the cast of your favorite show. Work for DISH for a number of years I have seen the trend in the industry to embrace new technology and the internet for options for subscribers, but making a state of the art mobile device into a remote control? I will stick with my sling adapter on my receiver, it streams my live tv, and my recorded DVR’s to my ipad wherever I am anytime I want it.

  • Anonymous

    At first glance it appears that how is possible. But after read your article,it looks possible and my colleague had also enjoyed movies on his ipad.
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