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Fast Follow Twitter Users Without a Twitter Account


You’ve always been able to stalk follow Twitter users without having your own Twitter account, just by going to their specific handle page on the website. For instance, anyone can check out my latest tweets by going straight to www.twitter.com/nikki_blogworld. But now Twitter made it easier, having introduced a feature that allows you to follow an account via SMS.

“Fast Follow” is accessed by texting “follow USERNAME” to 40404 (Twitter’s shortcode). You’ll then start receiving all of updates from that user via texts on your phone.

It appears that Twitter’s vision for Fast Follow is more for advertising and companies. Their blog says, “Try it out the next time you see a Twitter @username at a restaurant or store, on a billboard or on TV, or if you hear one mentioned on the radio. If you want to appear in a user’s followers list or start to get followers, you’ll need to create a Twitter account. You can SMS by texting ‘signup’ to Twitter.

Do you think you’d use this functionality, and what kind of Twitter users would you want to follow?



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