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Hi, I’m Jeffrey Powers, conference track leader in this year’s Digital Broadcasting track. We at BlogWorld & New Media Expo want to not only see you come to the show, but also get involved.

The BlogWorld & New Media Expo Video Newsletter
We’re working on an informative Video newsletter, which will tell people what this important event is all about and what to expect if you attend.

This is an opportunity for attendees to shine with a sample of your unique Audio or Video content!
The only requirement is that you will be attending BWE this year. It wouldn’t be right if you recorded a video, then didn’t show up. ALL Videos and Audio with good sound quality will get used. Try to record 720p resolution or better and audio at 128kbps rate. If you have a lower quality, that is OK.

This is what we are looking for: (All videos must be child and workplace safe)

  1. 10 seconds of Fame video greetings (possibly with bloopers)
  2. 1 minute “How to” Videos, audio or screencasts
  3. Fun videos
  4. Written scripts that someone could read or demonstrate
  5. Intros, Graphic Art, bumpers Video to BWE Newsletter

10 Seconds of fame
This is really straightforward. Get our your flip cameras, your phone, webcam or whatever, then record yourself saying:

Hi. This is {Your Name} from {Your Blog or Show} and I’ll be attending BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010 in Las Vegas on October 14-16th. We will see you there!

1 minute How To Videos
Get in front of the camera and do a “How to” video. If you can screencast, do a how-to in blogging, podcasting, videostreaming, or something else.

Fun Videos
No clips of your regular show. They have to be directed to BlogWorld & New Media Expo. But if you want to do a skit, play guitar, sing, juggle or something else, we’ll use it! Also, if you recorded an intro and made a couple of mistakes, that is useable, too!

Written Scripts
If you are camera shy, then send us how-to scripts, then we can give them to people who will present in front of the camera.
Intro’s, Graphic Art, bumpers Video to BWE Newsletter.

If you can make a Video intro, Video Graphics or more, we can definitely use it for the Newsletter. Intro should be 5-10 seconds long.

Transition bumpers should be 1-2 seconds long. 720p resolution is the goal.

How to Submit
Go up to www.yousendit.com and sign up for a free account. Then send all entries to Jeffrey @ blogworldexpo dot com.

Get Them Posted Now!
We hope to have the first Video Newsletter done in two weeks. Therefore, getting your recordings now is important.

This is a great way to show people who you are, and that you are attending this great event.

Thanks, and I’m looking forward to seeing your submissions!

Jeffrey Powers
Digital Broadcasting Conference Track Leader at BlogWorld 2010

Image Credit: SXC


  • Maddie Grant

    Kiki L’Italien and I are SO IN. (Kiki hosts the Association Social Media Sweetspot (http://www.socialfish.org/2010/07/association-social-media-sweetspot.html) on Fridays and I sort of show up and make her giggle on a monthly basis).

  • bryan bliss

    This sounds like a cool idea and a compelling reason for me to get more creative and to TRY to get more brief in my video making.
    I cant hardly ever tell a good “how to” in a minute.
    since it may be awhile until i have the scheduling and budgeting worked out to attend , how do you know for sure before you use these vid clips that the person will actually make it out to the show?

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