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What's the Hold Up With All Those Speaker Proposals, Deb?


When I logged into my BlogWorld email account on Monday morning there were 211 emails waiting. About 40 of them were from people looking for the status of their speaker proposals. I also have folks contacting me or wondering aloud on Twitter – everyone wants to know if we accepted their proposals. Many are (falsely) assuming that since they heard nothing, they didn’t make the cut.

As I promised to be transparent about this whole thing and let you all know if there are any delays, problems or issues, I’m giving another update as to the status of the remaining speaker proposals.

As of today, August 5, 2010:

  • Most who submitted speaker proposals haven’t been contacted. It has nothing to do with whether we like you or your proposal, it simply means we’re still trying to finalize the schedule.
  • The speakers who already heard from us did so because we either didn’t feel as if their proposal was a good fit this year, or because we finalized the track that their proposal do fit into. For example, the Content, Health and Tools & Technology tracks are complete. The social media, digital media, sports, food, travel and a few other tracks aren’t quite complete because there are committees and track leaders going through all of those proposals looking for the best fit for their respective tracks. As soon as they finalize their recommendations and we approve their recommendations, we’ll send out notices to the remaining potential speakers.

Basically, if we still have your proposal we like you and we’re trying to find the best fit. As we don’t have enough space open, many of you may still receive notices telling you we don’t have room for your talk this year. However, I want to stress that for those people, we really did want you to speak. That we kept your proposal until the very end means that we were hesitant to let it go – and the only reason it didn’t make the cut is because there is simply no room for every speaker who submitted a proposal.

When will you hear from us?

I’m so reluctant to answer this question. I made it my personal goal to respond to every speaker proposal (either positive or negative) by July 15th. I obviously didn’t make that goal. Some of it is my fault, that I was simply overwhelmed, and some of it is because I’m waiting on the track leaders and committees to make their decisions.

I really, really, hope we’ll have any answer for everyone some time next week. However, if I tell you that and it doesn’t happen, I’ll look like an ass. I’m aware that it’s holding you up, and also, holding up anyone looking for a schedule before making a decision. We do have a list of Confirmed Speakers that we will be adding to again shortly. We’re also making periodic announcements on this blog, Twitter and our Facebook page regarding keynotes, panels and speakers. Hopefully this news is enough to help with a decision.

All speakers who sent in proposals that aren’t accepted will receive the early bird discount, with a savings of almost 50%. We hope that makes up for all the time and frustration.

I ask that you’re all patient just a little longer. We want to provide BlogWorld attendees with the best educational content possible. I hope you can understand why we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Deb Ng is BlogWorld’s Conference Director. She also blogs about blogging and social media at Kommein. Feel free to follow her on Twitter @debng.


  • Srinivas Rao


    Thanks for providing an update through a blog post and putting up with all our excessive tweets :). I know you have a tough job and I can only imagine how time consuming this whole process must be. So, this in depth update is much appreciated.

  • Barbara Rozgonyi

    Thanks for the update Deb! What a tough task. Really like your emphasis on the “best educational content possible.” Definitely worth waiting patiently for a decision, especially with the extension of the discount offer.

  • Kathy Jacobs

    Thanks for the update Deb. Know that you are doing your best. Know also how hard your choices must be. Those of us waiting know the conference will be great – that’s why we are so eager to know if we get to be part of it!

    Remember that you have a whole network of us out here willing to help as you need us. 🙂

  • Jim "Genuine" Turner

    Keep up the good work Deb. We are all behind you. Breathe a little and pray a lot and we will always cheer you on. It’s not an easy task but you will see when you get there that it will all come together.

  • Emily

    Thanks for the update Deb, Its great to know whats going on as Im sure like most people we dont want to harrass you but are trying to make plans etc etc. Super excited either way and cant wait to get to vegas in October.

  • JackSpirko

    Just for clarification does this mean if we sent in a proposal and still have not heard back that we are still “in the running”. I ask only because if so I need to remain free of any other obligations during the dates of the event.

    If I am out it would be nice to know and no hurt feelings we are all professionals, not enough spaces for all means some don’t get to speak.

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