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Twitter to Add 'Shout Out' Feature?


Two new Twitter features very well may be launching soon! Blogger Louis Gray pointed out on his blog that two accounts (@TwitterShoutout and @TwitterOnNotice) are almost exclusively followed by Twitter staff. And of course they are private, allowing for testing and tweaking before a full-scale launch.

TwitterShoutout has a tagline of Contribute your shoutouts to peeps. These endorsements could be pretty powerful, especially if a number is calculated and automatically displayed next to your Friends & Follower information. It could be valuable in terms of deciding if an account is worth following (having thousands of followers doesn’t necessarily mean your content is great or you’re not a spammer). That being said, I feel sometimes that Twitter is already a social media popularity contest, and this would just contribute another factor to stress over.

has a name of “Minus One” and a tagline of You’re On Notice! Thoughts on this account are that it could be a way for Twitter to notify people who are violating terms of service before their account is suspended. Could you imagine being on the @ end of those tweets?

Is the Shout Out feature something you’d use? How would you determine who deserves a Shout Out?


  • Eleanor

    Do you think this will have anything to do with http://listorious.com ‘s sister site http://shoutworthy.com?

    And in answer to your question yes I’d use it. Someways would be if I was at an in person network and I wanted to introduce my Twitter community to them. Or if it is a Tweople who continues to give link love and great tips in their feed.

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