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How to Connect at BlogWorld


We have less than 3 months left until BlogWorld 2010. If we want to ensure we don’t miss a thing, make all the connections we’ve been looking forward to, and have an all-around great time, the time is not to start planning to connect.

Here are a few tools and tips for what you can to today, and during BlogWorld to meet and connect at BlogWorld.

Before BlogWorld:

  • Subscribe to the main BlogWorld event to see who else will be there and join the conversation.
  • Search “BlogWorld” regularly for notices of lead-up events like Tweet Ups.
  • Connect your Tungle.me account to your Plancast profile to invite others to book time with you.
  • Subscribe to people you want to connect with.

During BlogWorld:

  • Keep searching “BlogWorld” for side events that popup.
  • Watch for alerts from people you want to connect with – see where they’ll be next!

Before BlogWorld:

  • “Like” the BlogWorld page to follow updates.
  • Scan the list of others who’ve liked it for people you want to connect with – is their profile professional or personal? If it’s professional, go ahead and send a friend request.
  • Looking to speak with people on a certain topic? Put the word out on the Wall with a link to your Tungle.me page so people can connect with you.

During BlogWorld:

  • Regularly update your status with your whereabouts so people can find you easily.

Before BlogWorld:

  • Post your Tungle.me link on all your social profiles – You never know where someone will find you.
  • Connect your Tungle.me account to your Plancast profile so others can book meetings with you.
  • Blog off slots where you’ll be at panels, keynotes or meet ups so you don’t get double booked (If you add them directly to your calendar, they’ll be blocked off on Tungle.me).

During BlogWorld:

  • Hand out business cards with your link printed on them. Scheduling meetings through your page is faster than by phone or email, and you can reply to invites on your smartphone.

Before BlogWorld:

  • Follow BlogWorld and BlogWorldExpo on Twitter for updates.
  • Follow the hashtags #bwe10 and #blogworld to see what other people are saying.
  • Tweet with the hashtag #bwe10 (that’s the official one) to get conversations started.

During BlogWorld:

  • Keep watching the hashtags and the BlogWorld stream so you don’t miss any impromptu networking opportunities.

How are you preparing for BlogWorld? Please share your tips and tools in the comments.

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