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"How to Sell Your Blog for Lots of Money" Panel Announced


On my first day on the job for BlogWorld, Rick Calvert sent me a copy of a blank schedule and told me to create my dream conference. He suggested I write in the sessions I would most like to see as an attendee. At the time, there were several topics that I wanted to see covered at BlogWorld, but two of them in particular kept coming into my head. The first was a “From Blog to Book” panel (which we’ll discuss here once speakers are all confirmed). The second was a panel on selling a blog (for lots of money).

When I described my idea for a session on selling a blog (f0r lots of money) to the BlogWorld team, no one laughed. In fact, I received the opposite reaction. Everyone thought it was a great idea. So I put it on the grid and put a note on my list of things to do to find panelists for this session. The next day, I had a call with Eric Olsen to discuss possible speaking opportunities for him at BlogWorld.  “What if I talked about how to sell a blog for lots of money,” said Eric.

Apparently great minds things alike. Eric sold Blog Critics to Technorati for a reported $1 million in 2008.

I reached out to a couple of other bloggers who sold for big bucks, but no one responded. Then Rick came back to me with another brilliant idea. “You know who we should get to be part of that panel?” He asked. “One of the Ars Technica guys. They sold their blog to Conde Nast for $25 mil.” And so we welcomed Ken Fisher to the panel.

Our best ideas are always a BlogWorld team effort.

What will this panel cover?

After selling my own blog network (for lots of money) last month, I received a flood of emails asking me a variety of question. The majority included:

  • Why sell your blog?
  • How to have a blog people want to buy
  • How to find a buyer
  • How to set a price
  • What to present to a potential buyer
  • What happens after you sell

Though they weren’t related to the panel, receiving these emails gave us an idea of what folks most wanted to know about selling a blog. Expect to see these questions and more covered in the “How to Sell Your Blog ” panel. We haven’t yet named a moderator, but we’re sure you’re going to walk away armed to take action if you’re considering a sale of your blog.

Stay tuned to this blog for more terrific reasons to attend BlogWorld ’10!

Deb Ng is the Conference Director for BlogWorld and blogs about blogging and social media at Kommein. Feel free to follow her on Twitter @debng.


  • Dai

    Have all the speakers/panelists/etc. been decided yet? I don’t see a speaker list up yet. Trying to get my employer to pay for the conference, travel, etc., but I can’t get a green light until I can give them the schedule (I guess so that they know I will be able to attend sessions that will contribute to my work, i.e., the bottom line).

    Sorry to pester – just excited about maybe going to BlogWorld this year. Thanks!

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