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Ten Tiny Tips for Bloggers (part 1)


To me, it’s the little things. A chocolate milkshake on a hot summer’s day. A song to perfectly fit your mood randomly playing when you have your iTunes on shuffle. Finding out at the cash register that the cute heels you’re buying are on sale.*Insert happy sigh here*

Tiny time-savers can save you hours in the end.

Over the years, I’ve learned a bunch of little things about blogging too, and to be honest, the little things are starting to add up in a big way. I’ve found that I’m a much more efficient blogger than I was just a year ago, and I’m leaps and bounds ahead of where I was when I started blogging, circa 2005 or so. This morning, I’m going to share with you ten tiny tips from my files to help you become a more efficient, better blogger as well. Alone, these tips might not seem like a big deal, but every so often, once will come in handy, making your day just a tad bit easier.

Tip One: Searching a Site

Sometimes, you remember reading something on a website, but can’t find the right article in the archives or don’t remember what it is called. If the site has a search bar, that’s awesome…not all blogs have one. Except they do – it’s called Google. Go to Google, type in your search term, and then type site: and the URL. For example, if you were tring to find this article again, you could type “tips for bloggers” site:blogworld.com into search bar and viola – it’s like you were using a site search bar.

Tip Two: Choosing Colors

If you aren’t design-minded, you might find it hard to choose colors that coordinate well for a graphic. I use the Color Palette Generator from web designer Jeff Minard. Just upload a picture that you like or intend to use as part of the design and it will give you a palette of the best colors to use.

Tip Three: Tables

Want to put information in a neat and tidy table on your blog? Instead of going through the trouble to deal with the HTML, download the plugin WP-Table Reloaded. It makes the process so much cleaner and easier for you to update, especially if you’re creating a really big table.

Tip Four: Recovering Forms

Lazarus has saved my life more than once. I’m not being melodramatic – I have been on the verge of shooting myself in the face after filling out large forms only to have it not submit correctly. Sure, WordPress auto-saves, but trust me, Lazarus still comes in handy for recovering lost forms.

Tip Five: Streamlining Multiple Twitter Accounts

This is a tip I learned from our very own Nikki Katz. Twitter only lets you sign up for one account per email address, which means that you have to start multiple email address if you have multiple Twitter accounts (for instance, a personal account and an account just for your blogging activity). If you use Gmail as Nikki points out in this post, you can actually sign up for Twitter using the same email address multiple times. Loophole FTW!

Read tips six through ten here.

Allison Boyer is a writer for BWE’s blog and the owner/manager of After Graduation. She could go for a chocolate milkshake right about now.



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