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How to Create a Media Kit For Your Blog


If you’re in search of direct advertisers as part of the monetization strategy for your blog, having a professional media kit goes a long way to providing facts, statistics, and testimonials about your blog.

Your blog media kit is a vital sales tool with the goal of getting potential advertisers excited about the prospect of advertising on your blog!

How to Create a Media Kit:
Most media kits are documents that can be downloaded from a link on your advertising page (or you can have them request the kit via email). You can create your media kit in an image or document software and then save it to a PDF for best viewing. Your kit should be laid out in an easy to read manner with headings and sub-headings, charts, images, and correct grammar and spelling. Remember, this is your first impression to potential advertisers. You don’t want it to be your last!

Your media kit will need to contain vital information, including:

  • Blog Topic/Profile
  • Contact Information
  • Advertising Rates & Acceptable Forms of Payment
  • Advertising Placement (you can include a screenshot that defines the different ad zones)
  • Traffic Information (Unique Visitors, Pages Per Visit, RSS Subscribers, E-Newsletter Subscribers, Social Media Followers, etc)
  • Demographic/Audience Details
  • News, Press Releases, and any Key Sites/Print Campaigns that have featured your site
  • Testimonials

Do you have a media kit you’d like to share with our readers? Post a link in the comments below!

Nikki Katz is the Managing Editor for the BlogWorld Blog. Feel free to follow her Twitter @nikki_blogworld and @katzni

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