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BlogWorld Speaker Proposal Update


After we released news of some confirmed speakers last week, many of you have been reaching out via this blog, email, Twitter and Facebook to ask for updates. In fact, some of you are incorrectly assuming that since you haven’t heard anything so far we must have rejected your proposal. This isn’t true at all.  Most of the people who submitted speaker proposals for BlogWorld 10 haven’t yet been notified.

Thanks for your patience

I know this is probably frustrating for both potential speakers, as you wait for word, and attendees as you await a schedule. We’re not taking our time on purpose, we simply want to provide the best educational content we possibly can. We only closed our speaker proposal application on July 1st, which really isn’t a lot of time to go through almost 500 proposals.

What we’re waiting on

Some of the proposed panels are no brainers and others we like but want to work with speakers to tweak. We’re going to make suggestions for some, and for some single speaker sessions, we’re going to propose a panel and have to find additional speakers for those. Right now, the two biggest tracks are The Social Media Business Summit and the Digital Broadcasting panels. To choose a handful of sessions from hundreds of proposals isn’t easy and we have committees for both of these tracks discussing every single proposal, adding their thoughts,  and suggesting sessions where they see a void. Basically, this is what we’re waiting on.

I also have to make sure we have everyone’s proposal and confirmation before announcing their panels and sessions. Some people might not have received a confirmation from me after sending in a proposal, if this is the case, please get in touch with me at deb(at)blogworldexpo(dot)com, because there’s a chance it might be floating around cyberspace somewhere, and didn’t make it to my desk. If I sent you news that we accepted your panel or session, please get back to me ASAP  with your confirmation so I know you’re on board and we can proceed to the next step. If you changed your mind and can’t attend or speak, please let me know that as well, so I can find a replacement panel immediately.

Some final thoughts

If you didn’t hear from us it likely means we haven’t yet made a decision.  We are really hoping to know by the end of next week – if not earlier.

For future reference:

  • Please, please, please do not ever suggest a panel if you don’t have all speakers confirmed at the time you submitted your proposal. Nothing sucks more than accepting a proposal and learning that the promised panel hasn’t even been approached yet – and that half of them have no plans to attend BlogWorld.
  • If you’re a P.R. professional and your client wants to speak at BlogWorld, please tell him or her we closed our speaker applications on July 1. If we need a replacement, we’ll choose from the people who submitted their applications on time.
  • As I go about my BlogWorld business, I’m making notes and recommendations as to how to expedite the process for next year. I’m interested in your feedback as well. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to send them over. Please know that I get an amazing amount of email each day and may not be able to get back to you on the same day, but I read everything in my inbox.

Thanks again for your patience as we work on providing the best content possible for BlogWorld ’10.  We should have news for the remaining potential speakers shortly

Deb Ng is the Conference Director for BlogWorld and blogs about blogging and social media at Kommein. Feel free to follow her on Twitter @debng.


  • Connie Reece

    Deb, for next year, please really, really, REALLY emphasize the point about the necessity of confirming panelists before submitting a proposal. (I’m glad I followed instructions. *whew*)

    One of the reasons there may be confusion is that BlogWorld proposals and SXSW proposals were due a week apart. And for some reason SXSW has the OPPOSITE policy — they do NOT want you to confirm panelists before submitting your proposal.

    I’m sure a lot of people, like me, submitted proposals to both conferences, which are the two biggest events in our industry. That may have tripped some people up. And then, of course, there is the laziness and inability to follow instructions factor. 🙂

  • Kathy Jacobs

    Regarding expediting the process for next year: It would be awesome if there were a way to change contact information after a submission is sent in. I know that isn’t possible with the current system (or at least not without a lot of manual work from you), but it would be nice… We are in a somewhat fluid society and industry after all…. 🙂

  • Deb Ng

    Thanks, Kathy. I will add that to the list – you’re not the first person who asked.

  • Allison Day

    I never received a confirmation email after I submitted my proposal, so I’m not sure if you have this functionality already or not. But if you don’t do this already, an automated email that includes all the information we submitted would be fantastic, so we have a record of exactly what we submitted for our proposals. 🙂

  • Deb Ng

    Hi Allison,

    I just saw your email. I’m going to check now to make sure we have your proposal and if not, I’ll request another. Thanks for letting me know.

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