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Calling All BlogWorld Alumni!


Have you attended BlogWorld & New Media Expo over the past few years? We’re looking for yourhelp! Share your photos, videos, and stories with us, other previous attendees, and give advice to those heading out to BlogWorld for the first time this October (*waves hand*).

We’re looking to build a Flickr community of BlogWorld fans,
so please hop over and share your photos in this
central repository BlogWorld Flickr Group/.

Do you have video from BlogWorld that’s not yet featured
in our Youtube channel and playlist? Send us an email
with the link and we’ll get it added!

We’re hoping that our past attendees will be willing to share their advice and favorite memories from BlogWorld events on our Facebook page.

Deb writes: “Attending the BlogWorld ’07 was a scary big step for me as it would be the first time I traveled alone to a place where I wouldn’t know anyone, except for talking with them online. My favorite BlogWorld memory took place the night before the first ever BlogWorld, when Liz Strauss, who was my bloggy hero, called me to invite me for drinks with her and MaryJo Manzanares. I had planned on a lone dinner at my hotel, but now I had company. To this day, I have no idea who gave Liz my cell phone number but I’m so glad they did. That spirit of friendship and community set the tone for the next few days and is the reason I have attended every single BlogWorld since its inception.”

What memories do you have?


  • BenSpark

    I’ve attended each Blog World Expo and I’ve had a great time at all of them. I just uploaded my whole gallery of photos 493 of them from the past 3 years of shows.

  • Brett Bumeter

    Having gone to all but one of the New Media Expos (05, 06, 07) and all of the BlogWorlds (07, 08, 09 and just registering for 10) this feels more like the planning for a family reunion sometimes. 🙂

    On the downside, these shows even predate flickr and youtube in some cases. I’ve got pictures and videos scattered over the hard drives of 4 different laptops and god knows how many different sites now dubbed ‘social networks’ lol If I only had half BenSpark’s awesome organizational skills . . . 🙂 🙂

  • Denise Wakeman

    I’ve attend all 3 BlogWorld Expos to date and look forward to #4 in October. I just added photo sets to BWE Flickr group from all 3 previous Expos.

  • Melanie Jordan

    I attended the 2008 New Media Expo before the merger with BlogWorld and am looking forward to the combined event as both a blogger and podcaster.

    The 2008 NME was very valuable to me because I made a great contact from Microsoft which led to my “What You Know Is Worth More Than You Know(TM)” Podcast being featured in its Office Products Podcast Directory for well over a year, and my book by the same name also receiving some Microsoft love.

    This couldn’t have happened without attending the event.

  • Special Guest

    Thanks everyone!! Would you mind sharing your memories/stories on the Facebook page too?

  • Kevin Blalock

    I have attended the past two years and plan on attending again this year. Always a great time and like said previously, almost like one big family reunion! I just added my photos from last year to the flickr group. I have some from 2008 that I will upload when I get home this evening and add to the group as well.

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