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BlogWorld Extends Early Bird Pricing for All Who Submitted Speaker Proposals


If you submitted a speaker proposal for BlogWorld you may be Jonesing for an answer because you want to know if you’re getting the free all access speaker pass or if you have to buy your own ticket. We understand that the early bird pricing is important and that you’re hoping for an answer before the July 15th deadline.

First, please be assured that we’re working around the clock to flesh out the schedule and approve speakers. We already have a good idea of the content for several of our tracks and just have to work out a few details. We know that many hopeful attendees want to know who is speaking and what they’ll be speaking about. We may not have the whole schedule available by the 15th, but we will have a good representation of the programming for BlogWorld ’10 before deadline.

Second, if you’re waiting to hear about the status of your speaker proposal because you want to know if you need to take advantage of the early bird pricing, fear not. We have extended the early bird pricing for all who submitted speaker proposals because we realize we’re holding you up. We’re hoping to have a decision for you within the next couple of days. However, for large tracks, like the Social Media Business Summit, we may not have the entire track flushed out by Thursday. Thus, some speakers might receive notification after the deadline. If you receive a note telling you your proposal wasn’t accepted, there will be a discount code included, allowing you to take advantage of early pricing past the deadline.

Thanks for your patience as we put together the sessions and panels for BlogWorld ’10. Please know we’re taking our time only because we want to ensure the best content possible.

Check back here often for updates, as we announce speakers and schedules.


  • Denise Wakeman

    You are appreciated! Thank you for the updates; I can only imagine what a job it is to sift through hundreds of proposals and fit them into a schedule. Better you than me, is all I can say!

  • Deb Ng

    Thanks, Denise – I love my job and working with the BlogWorld team is such a treat. The hardest part, as you can imagine, is choosing the best panel from a truly stellar group. I hope the BlogWorld community enjoy our choices.

  • Brett Bumeter

    Sounds good and appreciate the consideration. Last year I registered and then was added to the roster. That was all worked out just fine last year, but glad to see things are even more organized this year!

  • Barbara Rozgonyi

    Thanks for the updates, Deb! Appreciate all the attention and consideration that goes into the speaker selection process.

  • Stu McLaren

    Thanks for the update Deb!

    Much appreciated. You guys always do a great job and we appreciate the behind the scenes work you are putting into making BlogWorld another success.

    All the best,


  • Carleen

    Quick question: Will the discount code take into account not only the early bird pricing but the 20% off code that could be used through today as well? In the alternative, can we register and then if accepted be refunded?

  • Brett Bumeter

    @Stu having just registered for an Expo pass (waiting to hear about speaker stuff) I can say that yes it did. Furthermore, if you pick any old pass initially, then go to the next screen it will prompt you for the ‘EBIRD’ promo code (expires today). Enter that and apply it, then hit edit (not the back button) and you can then see all the updated prices for all the passes with the combo discount of early bird and 20%. This makes it easier to shop for the pass by price. 🙂

    Note the expo hall only pass (currently only $25) does not receive an additional 20% discount, but everything else does!

  • Rick Calvert

    The answer is Yes Carleen. You will get 20% off of the early bird price.

  • Carleen

    Great! Thanks for the info!

  • Barbara Rozgonyi

    Does the extension apply to all speakers on the proposed panels or only the one who submitted the proposal? Thanks for the clarification.

  • Deb Ng

    Hi Barbara,

    The extension only applies to those who submitted proposals because our indecision is keeping them from meeting the early bird deadline.

  • Barbara Rozgonyi

    Thanks so much, Deb!

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