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How to Make the Most of the BlogWorld Monetization Super Panel


Yesterday, Deb Ng announced the line up for the BlogWorld Monetization Super Panel. This year, you’ll spend over two hours with Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker, John Chow, Anita Campbell and Darren Rowse, learning their best money-making secrets and hearing them answer your questions. Of course, there will be countless other amazing panels at BlogWorld, but this is one you should be especially excited to attend. Here’s how to make the most of the panel:

  • Be prepared to take notes.

Whenever I go to an event and attend panels, I’m always amazed at the number of people who just…sit there. Do you know how much it would cost to work with any of these panelists as a consultant for a few hours? Take some notes! Yes, you want to soak in what they say, but trust me – after spending a few days listening to speakers, you’re not going to remember everything they covered. You’ll thank yourself for taking notes. Personally, I prefer pen and paper for note-taking, but you could use your computer too if you’d rather type your notes.

  • Apply to have your blog critiqued.

Every panelist will be critiquing a blog from one of the members of their community during the panel, and while this benefits everyone, it will be especially beneficial for the specific blogger being critiqued. In the coming weeks, each panelist will announce how they’ll be choosing the blog they’re going to critique, so whether they have some kind of application process or run a contest, make sure you sign up for a chance to be critiqued.

  • Read their blogs in the months leading up to BlogWorld.

You probably already do read the panelists’ blogs, at least from time to time, but if not, make a habit of it. Even though they’ll be presenting and answering questions for over two hours, they can’t possibly cover every tip they have about making money with your website. During the panel, they might also reference things they’ve written on their blogs, so knowing what they’re referencing will help you get more out of their advice.

  • Come armed with questions.

After their panel, the experts are going to spend at least 30 minutes answering questions. You’ll likely think of questions you have during the panel, which you can certainly jot down, but sometimes with a panel like this, you just end up with information overload and it takes some time to process. So, take some time in the months leading up to BlogWorld to jot down questions that you want to ask these bloggers about making money. Come to the panel with an entire list, since they might answer many of them during the panel, and try not to ask questions that are easily answered on their blogs.

  • Take action.

The panel might be a good experience while you’re at BlogWorld, but it really doesn’t mean a thing to you unless you’re prepared to implement their tips on your blog when you get home. You scheduled time off to attend BlogWorld, but you should also schedule time off in the weeks after to make use of everything you’ve learned at the event. Stay motivated, whether you’re a full-time blogger or you haven’t yet taken the step to quit your day job and work solely as a blogger. Otherwise, you’ve wasted a trip. That goes for every panel you attend or speaker you see – when you get home, use what you learned to boost your blog’s income.

Allison Boyer is a writer for BWE’s blog and the owner/manager of After Graduation. She’ll be the girl with the seven pads full of presentation notes at BlogWorld, all old-school style.

Image: sxc.hu

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