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Tungle.me + BlogWorld = Scheduling Made Easy


Blogging is about connecting with your audience.  BlogWorld is about connecting with bloggers.  Tungle.me is about connecting you to anyone you want to meet with, and everyone who wants to meet with you.

As the official scheduling application of BlogWorld, we’ve announced today that all new BlogWorld registrants can claim their personal Tungle.me page when registering, to make it easy to book one-on-ones and even group meet ups.

We’ve also released Tungle.me plugins for WordPress and Typepad that embed your Tungle.me calendar directly into your blog, so that your visitors can book time with you without ever leaving your blog.

Read the official press release here!

What’s Tungle.me?
Tungle.me is scheduling made easy.  It eliminates the back and forth of finding a time to meet, prevents double bookings, and automatically adjusts for time zones.

Your custom Tungle.me page shows others when you’re available, and invites them to book time with you without signing up.  You have final say on when meetings get booked.

Tungle.me connects with your existing calendar – Outlook (with or without Exchange), Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Entourage for Mac and Lotus Notes.

I’ve already registered for BlogWorld – How do I get my page?
Go to Tungle.me and sign up.  It’s free, and you can claim your custom page on the spot.

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