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Importance of Bounce Rate & How To Improve It!


The bounce rate is a significant indicator of how relevant your blog is to visitors, so its important to determine yours and analyze ways to improve upon it, especially if the percentage is high!

What is a Bounce Rate
The bounce rate is a percentage that shows the amount of single-page visits to your site. This is the number of visits that landed on your site and then exited from that same landing page. The lower your bounce rate, the better. 50% bounce rate for blogs is somewhat normal and a 75% rate would be a cause for concern.

Importance of Bounce Rate:
A high bounce rate typically shows you that your entrance page isn’t relevant to your visitor. The more compelling your landing pages, the more visitors will stay on your site. But you need to look at the individual page itself. Perhaps you had a very specific topic that users land on, find all their information, and really have no reason to stay. Each page, and each analytic number is worth exploring.

How to Improve Bounce Rate:
A visitor will land on your blog due to your advertisements or keywords (which determines how you are displayed in search engines). When a user visits your blog, the content should be relevant to the content promised. But from there, you also want your user to stay on your site a while. The best way to keep a visitor on your site is to:

  • Have clear navigation so your visitors can see other topics you cover, and visit them easily.
  • Hotlink to related information, articles, and pages.
  • Encourage conversation with polls, forums and/or comments.

Nikki Katz is the Managing Editor for the BlogWorld Blog. Feel free to follow her Twitter @nikki_blogworld and @katzni

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