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Twitter Tests 'You Both Follow' Feature to Help You Find New Friends


Twitter is testing a new feature that will allow you to see common “friends” that you and your contacts both follow. And that’s exactly what it’s called! You Both Follow.

Yesterday evening twitter engineer, Nick Kallen, tweeted, “We’re testing the “You both follow” feature (in the profile sidebar). Only 10% of people have it for now.”

The feature (which I’m apparently not able to use right now – I wonder exactly what 10% of users were chosen) allows you to find common followers when you click through to a contact’s profile. On the right sidebar of the page, just above the “following” tab, you will see a list of these triangular relationships.

The new features is very similar to Facebook’s mutual friends – and I’m sure it will be a big hit once it’s rolled out to the masses!

Will you be using You Both Follow?


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