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How Many Twitter Accounts are Too Many?


How many Twitter accounts do you have? I have two, one for my blog and one for me. Lately, I’ve been feeling as if I have one too many. Though my blog is a brand in itself, just about everyone who follows me on Twitter also follows my blog, this means they’re getting two updates. I don’t like to be spammy, or redundant.

Sometimes having multiple accounts can get a little confusing. For example, if BlogWorld had one blog for each category of this blog, that would be confusing and a little silly. It would funnel followers to different accounts rather than reaching more people via one account. However Nikki, who runs the BlogWorld blog, has a personal Twitter account for her personal brand, and a Twitter account for the BlogWorld blog. That makes more sense.

Here are some things to consider with multiple Twitter accounts:

  • Are the same people following each separate account, regardless of the subject matter or focus? If so, there may not be a need for separate Twitter accounts.
  • Are you Tweeting the same thing on each different account? If so you may not need more than one account.
  • Are folks confused about which account to follow or why you have so many accounts? This can prevent them from following you at all.

Basically if you’re being redundant and saying the same thing to the same people, it might be worth it to re-evaluate why you have more than one account. That’s what I’m doing.

What are your thoughts? Do you find following the same people on multiple Twitter streams is redundant?

Deb Ng is conference director for BlogWorld and Founder of the Freelance Writing Jobs network of blogs. Follow her on Twitter at DebNg.


  • David Spinks

    It’s a great question Deb.

    I face this issue often. I manage 3 accounts right now. While there are definitely overlaps in the audiences, the accounts are meant to serve different purposes. One is for my personal use. One is for Scribnia. One is for u30pro.

    So for some people, they’re not sure whether to follow me on the scribnia account or my personal account. Sometimes, I post similar content on both.

    It depends a lot on what your goals are and exactly as you said, if the audience is the same, and the content you’re sharing is the same, then you should just use one account.

    Perhaps the new twitter business accounts will help solve this problem a bit.


  • Nikki

    I used to run about 10 Twitter accounts – one for each blog I had at b5media (5 blogs total, one on each topic) plus a variety of others. The ones for b5media were mostly updated through my RSS feed. There was very little interaction, I just didn’t have the time! I still run and it’s tough.

  • Hawaiianwilly

    Hi Drew,
    I can see a twitter account could be looked at as a website landing page traffic cop.
    Used correctly one twitter account for every market niche you are sharing with your
    Each project, product line or organization you want to share can have their own twitter account. Each would be focused on that market niche/project. Each twitter accounts followers would be created by the interests of that market niche’s likes.
    They would not be interconnected accept through list segmentation.

  • John Ross Harvey

    As one of several people with more than 2 or even 3 accounts, all have a purpose, some tweet more than others, and even though I am a Gemini, I’m not certifiably insane.
    For comedy @acronymr @threeforcesevil
    For road safety @harveyhelmet @s_i_n_s
    For books as author, and pen names @johnrossharvey @nahtan_hoj @tfoevil @markhamwells @wentworthvaughan
    For ideas I have @carnivoresrest @trafficbrdgame
    For F1 race commentary so my wife doesn’t have to scroll multiple pages @jrhonf1
    And my personal one which follows them all
    My hootsuite runs out of columns
    The top 4 tweet less frequently than my personal but daily or almost that often

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