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5 Ways to Encourage Blog Comments


You’ve been blogging for months, but no one’s responding. It’s as though all of your great writings are wasted.

Shirley George Frazier of SoloBusinessMarketing.com Years ago, I found myself with the same problem, but readers started responding with blog comments when I tested ideas shared by BlogWorld Expo attendees.

So, before you ditch that blog, follow these five tips to get people talking.

  • Ask a question.

    Do you end posts with a summary statement or a method that encourages reader interaction? Questions get people thinking, and that makes their fingers type a response.

    All of my posts donít end with a question, but most do, and it’s almost guaranteed that someone will share their views or experience. Forming a question in the last sentence is just as easy as writing a statement. Try it in your next post.

  • Tell a story.

    There’s a reason why great stories are passed down through generations. People enjoy putting themselves in the storyteller’s shoes to virtually re-live the experience. This works best when describing a situation that relates to your readers.

    One of my highest-commented posts occurred because of my rant about running a business and sharing a car. The advice poured in. When readers relate to your story, they happily get involved.

  • Offer a prize.

    You’re thinking “this is bribery,” right? Not really. Prizes are linked to contests, and contests are a blog favorite to such a degree that the event can deliver huge notoriety through tweets and other social media postings.

    Ask readers to submit a comment or video about your blog’s topic, and add the prizeís value so that more people participate.

  • Critique another person’s post.

    One way to get people to visit your blog is to comment about a topic featured on someone else’s blog. Most bloggers allow this soft-siphoning technique as long as your feedback relates to the original post and doesn’t resemble a spam comment.

    This is one of the methods I trusted to bring readers to my blog, resulting in more comments and RSS feed subscribers.

  • Expose the truth.

    For years, I’ve encouraged my sister to start a blog about her expertise, which is the sweet-and-gentle craft business. “Everyone’s blog talks about how fun crafts are,” I told her. “Let your readers know what it’s really like to deal with unruly customers, horrible booth neighbors, and overnight security that helps themselves to merchandise.”

    There’s another side to every topic. If you uncover it, your blog will become a hot spot.

Which of these tips will you try right away to get blog comments?

Shirley George Frazier is chief marketer at SoloBusinessMarketing.com and author of Marketing Strategies for the Home-Based Business: Solutions You Can Use Today. Read Shirley’s Solo Business Marketing blog, and follow her on Twitter @ShirleyFrazier or Email info@solobusinessmarketing.com.


  • Des Walsh

    Excellent list, Shirley. To answer your question, my inclination is to tell more stories (No, no, I hear some friends cry, don’t encourage him! 🙂 )

  • Walt Ford

    Great Tips Shirley! Your so right about the things that start to click with your audience. I find myself when I’m public speaking or video blogging telling personal stories and experiences. When I am doing this in front of an audience, this is when I usually see the heads start to nod in agreement with what I am speaking about. People resonate with other real people.
    When I blog I find myself more on a fact telling mission. You have made me realize that I need to blog more in the same manner in which I speak.
    Thanks for the great insight!


  • HeidiW

    Any favorite prize tips? Pref ways to fulfill online? Also what blogging tool do you recommend?

    Thank you for the great tips!

  • Kristen

    I like these because they don’t feel gimicky and they fit with the strategy I already have. I want my blog readers to comment because they want to be there and have something to add, not always because they think they will get something in return.

  • Shirley George Frazier

    Hi Des. I appreciate your feedback about these comment tips, and I happen to know that your stories are inspiring and thought provoking. Don’t let the naysayers tell you anything different!

    Hi Walt, I’m glad that the storytelling tip helps you to realize that similar to being on stage, sharing your experiences through blog posts also encourages head nodding (even if you can’t see it). I bet you’ll see comments start to appear very soon.

    Hi Heidi, my favorite prize tip is to collaborate with other blogger friends who have valuable products/services that can be bundled together to create a super-valuable prize package. I’ve done this with others and had great response. As for a blogging tool, I’m not sure to what you’re referring, but if you mean the platform, WordPress.org is my choice. Let me know if you’re referring to something else.

    Hi Kristen, I wholeheartedly agree with you about not implementing cheesy methods to get comments. You’re also right about not making a habit of giving something away just for a comment. Just like a retail sale rack, everyone will only visit for discounts (prizes) and not because you are sharing valuable and beneficial information.

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