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BlogWorld is proud to announce our new Managing Blog Editor, Nikki Katz


This all began one night last year…I was tweeting, answering the “What are you doing?” question, true to Twitter’s purpose. What was I doing? Complaining about the final Prison Break episodes being spaced too far apart, of course; I couldn’t stand it. There was no damned good reason FOX should cruelly keep me waiting like that. I loved it, I hated it, I was ticked off and somebody out there online could certainly understand the monumental importance of my concern. Was Michael Schofield going to capture Scylla and bring down the Company? Was Linc going to live or die? Would somebody finally get rid of that bastard, T-Bag? This was madness, I tell you!

Nikki Katz

Nikki: blogger, Prison Break fanatic

A few seconds later, someone who shared my angst replied. It was Nikki Katz, a local San Diegan who happened to be blogging for the b5media network on, you guessed it, the Prison Break blog. She may’ve been more perturbed than me, and that’s really saying something.

Turns out, Nikki was not only in my town, our daughters were in the same grade and same school, she was a certified Prison Break NUT (seriously, I think she has a certificate), she also happened to run five of b5’s entertainment network blogs, was an accomplished book author and a real New Media pro. What a great connection!

We kept in touch off and on, and as BlogWorld 2009 approached, Nikki became Editor for the entire Entertainment channel at b5media, managing 50+ blogs. Fast-forward to February 2010 and things were about to change. The same week b5’s management announced closing down their entertainment blog network, we’d just decided we needed an experienced Managing Editor to help us grow our blog into the robust New Media industry source we’d envisioned for the past few years. I DM’d with Nikki the day after she got the b5 news, a new opportunity was waiting for her with BlogWorld, and here we are…Sometimes things just seem to fall into place. The fun part of Social Media networking lead right back to the business part, creating valuable connections as it often does.

We’re very excited to be changing, growing and improving our blog, and you’re going to see some great insights and conversations here every day, so be sure to check back during your morning coffee. And don’t be surprised if you show up here in a few weeks, and the entire blog has a completely new layout, look and feel. Good things are happening behind the scenes, and we can’t wait to show you.

Nikki, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and hard work already in this first week. This business is a labor of love for Rick and me, and we’re happy to see someone plug into the blog with such energy. It’s going to be a terrific year, and if we get busy running around like lunatics planning the conference and forget to say it, I’m saying it in advance. You’re doing a great job. Btw, I’m still ticked off Prison Break ended.


You can follow Nikki’s personal Twitter account @katzni and her new BlogWorld account @nikki_blogworld.


  • Deb Ng

    Yay, Nikki! Welcome to BlogWorld and remember, besides Prison Break reruns (I watched every single episode) the key to Dave’s heart is a heaping plate of barbecued meat.

  • Patrick

    Congrats. 🙂


  • Itamar Kestenbaum

    Welcome to BlogWorld! I’m sure you’ll do an awesome job!

  • Julie Bonner

    You couldn’t have hired a better person for the job Dave! I’ve worked with Nikki for 3 years and she is fun, professional, knows her stuff and has become a dear friend to me. Looks like good things are a comin’!

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