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Why Do You Want to Speak at BlogWorld?


We’re getting ready for the flood of pitches from potential speakers who would like to speak at BlogWorld. As more and more people try to establish themselves as experts, the number of potential speakers rise. Make no mistake, there are more people who proposing talks than available slots, so if you’re looking to speak you seriously have something to offer.

Before you send in your speaker proposal, ask yourself why you want to speak at BlogWorld.

Is it because you want a free ticket?

If you’re looking to speak in order to get inside, it’s best not to mention this in your proposal. Dazzle us with your brilliance instead. Throw out a unique pitch, but don’t make it so far out of the box that no one will have an interest.  Keep in mind there are early bird discounts in place to help defray conference costs and the BlogWorld team was able to negotiate an awesome $109/night deal at the Mandalay Bay for attendees – including free WiFi. (With other very affordable hotels nearby.) If your proposal shows you’re only in it for the ticket, we’ll probably pass.

Is it because you have something to sell?

Save it for the booth. No one wants to attend a conference session to receive a sales pitch. Those wishing to attend panels and talks do so because they want to learn, not buy. If you have something to share it may lead your audience to buy your product, but let’s save you time here and now by saying don’t propose in order to sell. Your speaker bio will tell all what you do, and if attendees are interested they’ll ask about your business after your talk (if accepted.) Pitch to share, not sell.

Is it because you have something to teach or share?

Well, heck, propose away. We’re all about learning. Just keep in mind that “teach” doesn’t mean “lecture” and folks want to be engaged. Attendees are coming to BlogWorld to learn from the best. If that’s you, by all means send in your proposal. Don’t just propose to talk about what you want to talk about, think about a topic that will interest other bloggers or folks looking to get into social media. Don’t preach to the choir, talk about something truly useful.

Is it because you’re a guru?

We love people who can fill seats, for sure. However, if you’re only talking to hear yourself talk, think about how your audience will respond. They’re coming to see you and learn from you, why not knock their socks off? How can you have them talking about you and writing about you (positively) long after the conference is over?

Why do YOU want to speak at BlogWorld?

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Deb Ng is founder of the Freelance Writing Jobs Network and Conference Director for BlogWorld. Feel free to chat with her on Twitter @debng.



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