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7 Ways to Promote Your BlogWorld Speaking Engagement


It’s that time of the year. Twitter is buzzing about BlogWorld ’10. Hopeful speakers are waiting (im)patiently to send in their proposals and hopeful attendees are waiting for news and discounts. We promise not to disappoint on either front.

If you’re hoping to speak at BlogWorld, first check out Rick Calvert’s advice to potential speakers.  It’s OK, we’ll wait…

Great. Now you know what we’re looking for.

Here’s something else to consider. The speakers who are asked to come back and talk again each year, not only have the ability to produce good content and keep their audience engaged and awake. They can also fill the room. In other words, they know what to do to promote their event beforehand.

If you’re looking to pitch your talk, or if you’re accepted to speak, you’ll want to let us know how you’re going to fill those seats.

Here are a few suggestions:

Create a Facebook Event

Facebook, Event Brite and other online event promotional tools are simple and free to use. Fill in all the pertinent details, let folks know why your session will rock and blast it off to your friends and followers. Make it an open invitation so others can help you spread the word. Don’t create the event now, wait until six weeks to a month before your event so the talk is fresh in their minds.

Create a Calendar Reminder

Use Outlook or Google Calendar to create a reminder for those who RSVP’d to the event you created on FaceBook or an another announcement service.  This will remind them ahead of time, and, also, it will ping them on the day of your talk so they don’t forget.

Create a Blog Post on the BlogWorld Blog

Accepted speakers are required to submit a post to the BlogWorld blog discussing their sessions. Don’t forget to stop here and tell folks what you’ll be doing and what they’ll be taking away if they come to your talk.

Blog at Your Own Blog or Guest Post at Other Blogs

Go on a virtual world tour. Chat on your blogs and others regarding topics relevant to your session. By all means, don’t spam. Talk about your topic and let folks know that this is also what you’ll be talking about at BlogWorld. Build a buzz.

Tell Your Twitter Followers

Again, don’t spam. However, every now and then remind folks of your session. Talk about your talk and ask if there are any questions. Drop a “takeaway of the day” to create a buzz and build of an audience. Have fun with it.

Create a Video

How ’bout a sneak peek? Create a video and post it here or at your blog talking a little about your topic and what you hope to achieve during your session at BlogWorld. Show attendees how engaging you are. Make it enticing enough for them to want more, but don’t give up so much that they’ll feel they already know anything. Consider this your teaser or trailer.

Give Stuff Away

Have a book? Ebook? Online course? Workbook? Offer to give it away to someone in the audience at your session. Create and promote a contest beforehand and choose the winner live.

Tell us…

How will you promote your BlogWorld speaking engagement.


  • Krista Neher

    Great tips! I think that speakers play an important role in promoting the conference (and themselves!!). I hope that you guys send this out to your speakers once you select them 🙂

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