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What Type of Blogger Are You?


In 2010 there are more blogs than ever. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and all sorts of niches and genres. They lecture and praise. They teach and they amuse.  I may not read or enjoy every single blog, but I can certainly appreciate them all. For each different type of blog there are also bloggers with very different styles.

Unique Voices are what makes the blogosphere go ’round.

What kind of blogger are you?

The Influencer: You’re an A-lister who gives solid advice to throngs of adoring fans. It doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it, they’re absorbing every word. One blog posts yields thousands of tweets, retweets and pingbacks. You could post the lyrics to “Yankee Doodle” and your fans would still find some sort of profound meeting. You help, you enlighten, and you share. You’re in demand to speak at conferences and everyone wants to guest blog for you. You take some knocks once in a while but your community believes in you and that’s all that matters. When you talk, people listen.

The Make Money Online Blogger: You make money online and you’re not afraid to share how you do it. You list your Adsense tips, your affiliate tricks and aren’t afraid of losing your community to sponsored posts and tweets. You’re controversial if only because you’re not subtle about how you’re earning your money. Some will say you’re spammy but they’re just jealous because they’re not earning $30,000 per month.

The Nice Blogger: Who can say anything mean about you? Everyone likes you. You respect your community and they respect you in return. You present your tips and advice in a non-condescending manner allowing your community to make informed decisions. You have no ulterior motives, you simply like to share.

The Do As I Say Not As I Do Blogger: You have rules for all occasions. Blog rules, social media rules, rules for your niche, yet you hardly follow any of them because mere rules don’t apply to you. Perhaps it’s because you don’t see that you’re breaking your own rules or perhaps you’re too busy being a Guru to realize what you’re doing. It’s all good though, no one takes posts like that seriously anyway.

The Tough Love Blogger: What the hell is wrong with all these pussy footing, nicey nice bloggers? Don’t they know that brutal honesty and tough love is better than  pleasantries? You tell it straight out like it is anyone who doesn’t get it is wrong, misguided or just plain dumb.

The Controversial Blogger: Who doesn’t love a good train wreck? Controversial Bloggers know the way to get comments and links is to ride the controversy or negativity wagon. It doesn’t matter that after the train wreck is cleared everyone goes home, Controversial Bloggers find a new bandwagon controversy once the spectator factor begins to dwindle.

The Style over Substance Blogger: You write with a flourish and have a pretty, pretty blog but you don’t have much to say.  Oh sure, you have a daily topic and while it hints at a point it never really gets to one. No worries though, folks like a good fashion show.

The Linkbait Blogger: Your blog is a cocktail of lists, funny images, controversy and content all pointing to one specific goal: growing traffic through links. This isn’t a bad thing, folks come to your blog for its entertainment value. Not every blog post needs to be serious and not every blogger has to teach.  However, your challenge is in finding ‘bait that will continue to give the people what they want.

The Coattails Rider: No one knew who you were until you found a few Influencers to hang out with. Now everyone knows your name, not because you have your own blog, but because of who your friends are.

The Guest Blogger: Not to be confused with the Coattails Rider, the Guest Blogger spends more time trying to build links to his blog by guest blogging than actually blogging his own stuff.

The Jack of All Trades Blogger: Also known as the Blogger for Hire, you don’t have your own blogs, you blog for others. You like it that way because you don’t have to deal with technical aspects or heavy promotion. You’re making money online, you’re just making more money for someone else.

The Guru Blogger: The difference between an Influencer and a Guru is that Gurus are usually self appointed. They use terms such as “expert” or “ninja” to describe themselves. Influencers build trust, Gurus insist on it.

The Swag Blogger: It’s not clear whether or not Swag Bloggers blog to receive swag or receive swag to blog. In any event, their blogs are bonanzas of product reviews and giveaways. Folks come by more to win prizes than to read the reviews, but it’s all good because you receive lots of free stuff.

The Discreditor: Your own blog isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like. Either creating quality content is too slow and difficult or you just don’t have enough original ideas. Instead, you spend your time discrediting other bloggers in your niche. If the blogosphere can’t see that you’re the best and everyone else sucks, why, you’ll just have to point it out to them. They’re not smart enough to figure anything out on their own anyway. So what if you’re negativity is driving people away. They don’t deserve to be a part of your community anyway.

The Paris Hilton: If the Paris Hilton has a blog no one know where it is or what it’s about. She has tens of thousands of followers on Twitter and her face is familiar at conferences and meetups. Yet, know one knows exactly why.  She could be a Coattail Rider or Guest Blogger, but then, no one has ever seen anything she wrote so we can’t say for sure. She’s famous for being famous..

The Cheerleader: The picture of positivity, The Cheerleader doesn’t believe in words such as “no” or “can’t.” Cheerleaders present tips that inspire, motivate and spur us action. The Cheerleader is popular both in blogosphere and in life mostly for her positive message.

The Hobbyist: The Hobbyist isn’t in it for the money or glory, he simply likes to blog. He’s entertaining and it’s clear there are no ulterior motives. He speaks what’s on his mind and has no defined niche. His community is made up of mostly friends and relatives, though occasionally he posts something that goes viral.

The Rambler: The rambler talks to hear himself talk. He likes tangents. There’s usually a point to his blog posts, he simply takes the scenic route in getting there. Brevity is for wusses.

The What About Me Blogger:  When am I going to be a famous blogger? When are people going to notice me? I post links to my content in everyone’s comments and they don’t even allow them to go through. I write to all the A-listers and ask them to link to me and they never do. WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE MY TURN. WHEN WILL I BE FAMOUS?????

What kind of blogger are you? Do you fit any of these descriptions or do you serve up a combination platter? Tell us about your blog and your method of blogging in the comments.

Deb Ng is a freelance writer, professional blogger and founder of the Freelance Writing Jobs network. Feel free to follow her on Twitter @debng.


  • peter

    How about The Procrastinator? Twenty ideas a day for blog entries but there never seems time to write them. Quite often in cahoots with the What About Me Blogger.

  • Deb Ng

    Peter, I wanted to write about the procrastinator but I kept putting it off.

  • Anne

    Hmm – Looks like I might be a novice nice blogger.
    I’m a bit prolific too, an over-blogger?

    I love the writing and talking about stuff few do, it is all a bit new
    Thanks for the question xxx

  • Deb Ng

    I prefer “prolific blogger” to “over blogger,” Anne. REally there’s nothing wrong with providing lots of good content. Sounds to me as if you’re headed in the right direction.

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    I think I fit the Nice Blogger!! But I’d like to be a money making blogger and sometimes feel I am a contraversial blogger. Depends what mood I’m in.

    Good post!

    CJ xx

  • Samar

    Another kind could be “Was a blogger”. Those who started off strong and then faded. Now they only blog every now and then. Their new posts are stale because while they were ‘not blogging’, a lot of other bloggers covered that topic, particular point of view etc.

    I’d fit perfectly in this kind… uh oh.

  • Amy Phillips

    How about the anti-mommyblogger blogger, cause I really need to be in THAT category!

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