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BlogWorld 2009 had the innovative idea of hosting a multicultural panel.  A clear sign of vision and pulse of the current situation in the U.S.A.  I had the honor to be invited by Jose Villa from Sensis to represent the fastest growing group both online and offline: The Latino(a)s!  During the session, I was often asked about the Latino blogosphere.  What do we blog about? Which language do we use? Where are we? And so forth.  This post is an attempt to answer  these questions.

I’ve been breaking my head to “define” the Latino(a) blogosphere.  However, the best I can tell you is that Latinos and Latinas blog about every possible subject, we write in Spanish, English, and Spanglish and we are literally everywhere! If you want to go deeper, I dare you to just come and see!  You will find here a partial list of the best blogs written by Latino(a)s.  Feel free to pay a visit and connect with the bloggers on Twitter.   You can also find directories of more Latino bloggers listed here: Blogadera, Blogs by Latinas, Latina Bloggers Facebook Group, AARP Segunda Juventud, Twiteros, and Blogged’s List of Latino Bloggers.

Now on with the list of some of my favorite Latino bloggers:


AKACOCOLOPEZ – Art blog of Kristina Maria Lopez


De Gama Web Studio – Learn Social Networking

BluPint – Latino-owned boutique digital marketing agency, recently doing business in Mexico.

Fernando Varela – Official blog of v5, LLC, a company which specializes in online marketing for Fernando Varela and other clients.

Latina Owned Businesses – Latina business owners can list their businesses here.

Tiene Chic – The journey of Alicia Morga, CEO of Consorte Media

NSHMBA New York – Blog of the New York chapter of the NSHMBA, striving to be the premier Hispanic MBA professional business network.

Vista Hispano – An online destination focused on providing insights into the trends and changing dynamics of the Hispanic Market.

Zapateria Orozco – Nicole’s blog for her shoe store. You’ll find great information on shoes for men, women, and kids.

Think Multicultural – Covers the multicultural marketing and advertising world through the transformative lenses for the digital media.

Joselin Mane – Streamlining business success by systematizing social media tools and technology


Reach For More – Blog about education, literature, bilingualism, and Latino heritage.

Milton Ramirez – A Blog about learning, knowledge, tech and social media

Consulta con JCB – a weekely  vblog/podcast sobre diversos temas de interes, analizados desde un punto de vista legal y sobretodo practico

Mi Caminar – Crecimiento, motivación, inspiración y paz interior

Carta Grande – A blog about HR coaching and practical tips for career advancement


Hispanosphere – News and commentary blog on Latino/Hispanic issues.

Latina Lista – A niche news blog on politics, foreign affairs, culture, and social justice issues.

New America Noticias – Broadcasting news from Latino media outlets throughout the United States.

Orlando Latino – Covers news and information of interest to Latinos in Orlando and beyond.


A Book Without A Cover – Focuses on topics including women’s justice, radical women of color, gender, politics, and activism.

Cristina Mella – Latino living, decoracion, estilo y hogar

Author’s Diary – News and views from the author of America Libre and El Nuevo Alamo

Bronx Latino – Lifestyle blog aimed at highlighting the people and culture of the Bronx from a Latino perspective.

Cuponeando – Frugal blog sharing information about deals and freebies in Spanish.

Hispanic Affairs

LATISM – A blog about Latinos in Social Media. The largest organization of social media professionals of Hispanic origin.

Sofrito For Your Soul – Sofrito For Your Soul is an online magazine that promotes the evolution of Latino culture in the United States.

Speak Hispanic – Showing you the way into Hispanic minds, One Random Fact at a time

Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet – Personal blog of Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet, focusing on Latino Movement, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Strategy, Health IT, Financial/Banking IT,  and Influential Presentations.

Hispanic Trending – Latino marketing and advertising consulting trends

Tiki Tiki Blog – Stories, essays, videos, and photos of living Latino in the United States.

Being Latino – A communication platform designed to educate, entertain and connect.

The Hispanic Fanatic – About culture, family, friends, immigration, language, media, politics and more

Latina Geek – Where a geeky chica meets a computadora

DarsanaRoldan.com – Activating the power of collaboration for one love, one wealth, one world.

hisPANIC – A blog about “us” en los estados unidos and then some.

Por La Causa – Blog about Latino American interest, informative with a dash of entertainment.

KMPblog – About events happening in NYC, shows, movies, and reviews.

LatinoInTX – Texas and border affairs from a Latino standpoint.

Latino Sexuality – A sex positive resource for Latinos about sexuality and reproductive health.

Latinos y Latinas Online Blogera – Focuses on Latinos/Latinas, pop culture, trends, policy issues, and more.

Mi Bodega – The voice of urban intelligence; the first urban intelligence agency in the world.

Sententia Vera – Blog on multilingualism and multiculturalism, specifically Spanish, bilingual, and translated literature and the Mexican-American culture.

That Happened to Me – Blog focusing on single women and women in business.

The Fat Apple – A fashion/lifestyle blog from the perspective of a plus-size Afro/Latina/Central American woman living in New York City.

Urbane Perspective – Urbane Perspective is an online lifestyle magazine for women of color, Latina, Black, and Asian.

uwishunu – Written by a group of in-the-know Philadelphians, uwishunu (pronounced “You Wish You Knew”) is your online source for an insider’s look at the Philadelphia scene.


Latina on a Mission – The title speaks by itself, Latina on a mission to inspire and empower with style

Be Chic – Online magazine and lifestyle channel covering fashion, beauty, entertainment, arts, and culture


Ian’s Music Blog – Blog of Editor In Chief of Austin Vida.com


Modern Mami – Parenting blog by a Latina working mother, focusing on specialized concerns working mothers have achieving work/life balance.

The Online Mom – Protecting children online. Tech tools for parents.

Todo Bebe – Una comunidad de madres Latinas que producen artículos, videos y el programa: Viva La Familia TV

NY City Mama – The adventures of a NYC mama of three boys

My Big, Fat Cuban Family – All about a Cuban-American family life in Southern California.

Pediatra Amigo – Blog by pediatrician and neurologist on children’s well-being, health, and topics on pregnancy and general parenting.

Spanglish Baby – Expert and peer advice, informative articles, forums, and community for parents raising bilinguals.

La Mamita Mala – A Queens born and bred newyorican poeta, activista, blogger, single mami and twitterputa

Spanglish Baby Finds – Reviews of the coolest products and services made with bilingual and/or Latino kids in mind.

Hecho Para Mama – Motherhood from a Latina perspective

Dr. Mommy Helps Moms – For health, wealth and sanity

Mommy 2 Mommy – Una comunidad, Many voices


Against the Flow – Blog about everything from politics to observations about everyday life.

New York Chica – Ramblings of a woman trying to survive this crazy life

Aina Montero – Chronicles the life of a Quito-based elite international escort and personal concierge.

An Eclectic Soul – Personal blog about travel, photography, spirituality, media, social media, marketing, art, and words.

Bilingual in the Boonies – Living la vida Cubanita in Tennessee.

Her Deep Thoughts – A site based on the nonsense of the Licenciada’s mind

Courage Factor – Blog about stepping out of your comfort zone, challenging your cultural beliefs, and becoming the best you possible.

Kety Esquivel – New media and Web 2.0

Carolyn in Carolina – Personal blog of a Latino city girl living in the country.

Eastside Writer – Personal blog of a writer with interests in arts, beer, and photography.

Inside My Head – Talks about how honesty is the only way to find personal freedom and happiness through life and culture.

Mischief & Impermanent Bliss – Tackles topics on social activism, music, arts, culture –  with a special fondness for Peruvian and indigenous.

Not a Dimwit – Blog about the personal journey of a writer toward writing a first novel.

DC Agenda – Apuntes, video-clips, fotos y recortes documentando las vivencias y aprendizaje de Reina

One Latina’s Journey – Here you’ll find Belle’s personal blog, covering her life as a single mom, college student, and full-time employee.

The Jose Vilson – Award winning blog from a NYC teacher, writer, activist discussing topics from an Afro-Latino perspective.

Trust Miguel – Latino student employee blogs about life at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas.

Una Mentira Perfecta – A perfect lie is about a Latina who will make you laugh, think, cry and maybe not even believe,

Under the Tucson Sun – Personal blog of a Latina vegetarian, daily yoga practicing Latina, wife, mom, and dog owner.


Clarisel’s Photo Place – A photoblog dedicated to the photography and news of Clarisel Gonzalez.

Manuel A Rios Photography – A photoblog of one Latino’s perspective of people, places, and events.

Puerto Rican Sun – A cultural and photoblog focusing on Puerto Ricans and the Diaspora.

Only Just a Shot Away – Blog of professional photojournalist Ricky Flores, who has documented life of Puerto Ricans in the South Bronx in the 80’s and 90’s.


Vivir Latino – dedicated to featuring all the latest politics, culture, entertainment of interest to the diverse and influential Latino and Latina community in the U.S.

Velez’s View – Visit Phil Velez’s personal blog for information on Latinos and politics.

Culture Kitchen – Daily servings of political dissent

The Unapologetic Mexican – Unapologetically serving up sol-sizzling amor y resistencia since May 1st, 2006


LatinMinds – Think tank within a large Hispanic ad agency called GlobalHue Latino, fascinated with the DNA of culture and obsessed with social media.

El Blog – Navigating the new markets, and trying to understand the constant weirdness of living in a changing new world.

New Media Brief – Building communities one word at a time

Louis Pagan – The journey about a “Latino Rebranded” and everything relating Latinos and new media.

V5 LLC –A blog about the company and what it does for their clients through social media

Learn Social Networking – Includes topics such as How to Build Community, Hispanic Fluentials, Latina(o)s in Social Media, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Twitter/Facebook.

All Things That Rise – About people, technology and evolution

Social Nerdia – A blog about the convergence of tech + marketing + social media, and the people/sub-cultures that make it possible.

Successfool.com – The official guide to becoming awesome online.


Premier Social Media – A blog about social media for business executives and consultants

LuisDanS Weblog – Luis blogs about new technologies on emerging markets while working at Microsoft Latin America.

All Things That Rise – A journey of people, technology and evolution

Mobile Test Kitchen – Where mobile apps get cooked


BronzeWord Latino Authors – Assists writers to achieve their publishing goals and authors to promote their books

Latino Book News – Circulates news on the book industry, agents, articles, Latino/a events, Latino/a books and authors.

NikiBenitez.com – Latina writer explores life through the art of poetry, fiction, prose, and screenplays.

The Latino Reporter – A blog for student journalists from the classroom to the newsroom.

I’m thrilled to represent this amazing community of social media professionals.  I encourage you to pay a visit to these blogs and join the conversation.  The fun is guaranteed.


  • Leonard

    I’m from Venezuela and blog about guerrilla filmmaking in my blog: http://guerrilla-filmmaking.com

  • StellaSeca

    Don’t forget one of the only venture-backed Latina entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley: Alicia Morga. Her personal blog: http://www.tienechic.com/alicia

  • StellaSeca

    Don’t forget the only venture-backed Latina Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley: Alicia Morga. She has a personal blog: http://www.tienechic.com/alicia

  • Phil Velez

    Thank you so much for adding me to your Latino Blogosphere list. I really appreciate being included in such a impressive and diverse group.

    All the best!

  • Phil Velez

    Thank you so much for adding me to your Latino Blogosphere list. I really appreciate being included in such an impressive and diverse group.
    All the best!

  • LearnSpanishOL

    Thank you for this amazing list. I’ve had some clients ask me about the Latino bloggers. Now I know where to find them.

  • liza

    Thanks for including culturekitchen, one of my properties, in this list. Would like to bring to your attention two huge omissions: VIVIR LATINO, probably one of the top 5 latino life & culture sites in the Unites States and in politics, THE UNAPOLOGETIC MEXICAN.

  • AnaRC

    You’re right. I’ve included Vivir Latino and some others who were not on the original list. Let’s hope to keep it fresh and up to date. Thank you all for the additions

  • Jo Ann Hernandez

    Be sure to add Latino Book Tours the place where an author can gain name recognition and engage with readers across the U.S. at http://www.LatinoBookTours.com

    Thank you for including me in your super list. Jo Ann

  • nilki benitez

    Hey-thanks so much for including me under the Writing section! I’m thrilled. Unfortunately there’s a typo and my name and url are misspelled. Here is the correct spelling:


    Thank you so much once again!!

  • Jo Ann Hernandez

    Ana, a correction please.

    It’s Nilki Benitez Musings at http://NilkiBenitez.blogspot.com

    then her new business is “Nilki Benitez Communications” provide media solutions to businesses. Video interviews with owners and podcast to post on your blog or emails. Also creates startling book trailers for one to use on their website and will assist in placing the book trailer in all the places that promote your product. her website is http://www.NilkiBenitez.com

    She is one to keep track of because she is going places; to where the stars shine.

    thank you, Jo Ann

  • tomas

    add HispanicTips.com por favor

  • Qiana

    I’d like to add my blog to the Photography section: Dodge & Burn which focuses on Diversity in Photography and often features Latino photographers. Not to mention I’m Latina myself – viva Panama! http://dodgeburn.blogspot.com

  • Danielle

    Thank you on behalf of Urbane Perspective Magazine for including us on your list. We feel honored!!!

  • Julio Ricardo Varela

    We are honored, truly honored to be on this list with some great people and blogs. ¡Un honor!

  • Joe Ray

    Great way for us to stand and be counted! It has always irked me to hear people comment there are no raza bloggers. Please add- http://blog.estudioray.com/

  • Joe Ortiz

    Surely you can’t have a menu list of Hispanic/Latino bloggers that is void of those who deal with theological topics. When I say “theological” I do not mean blogs that are filled with “right-wing, evangelical fanaticism. Believe it or not, there are Latinos/latinas academics who are students (and teachers) of Theology, who understand the varying world’s religions that have been present since the beginning of time. I host two of those blogs. One is called “The End Times Passover” and the other is called “Our Daily Bread” (Just Goodle them). It would be appreciated to be listed. [Joe Ortiz, a former radio-tv journalist, is the author of “The End Times Passover,” “Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation (Author House),” and “Saved? What Do You Mean Saved?”]

  • Mami2Mommy

    Wow a wonderful surprise to be included in this incredible list of Latino/a bloggers! I am proud to say that I know many of these bloggers and will continue to support all of them. They are amazing and so are you for putting this list together. Mil gracias and let’s hope this list doubles next year!

  • Yolanda

    Gracias for such a great list of blogs! Am planning a trip to each of them and am sure I’ll bookmark many. I’d like to add a cooking blog on all things edible, it was my source for holiday meals. http://www.lacocinanomuerde.com/web/

  • Sharon

    Excelente, porfavor pueden poner http://blog.flechada.com/ bajo Fashion? Gracias

  • Jenily Silva

    I’m from Venezuela, living in Atlanta and I blog about visual communication, Spanish Accent Gourmet and Lifestyle 😉 http://www.jenilysilva.com

  • Latino Friendly Employer

    I appreciate all the links, I’m a big fan of reading about latino issues and culture.

  • latinaprpro

    Just a couple of missing networks: Latina Lifestyle Bloggers: a community for Latina Bloggers that write about fashion, beauty, travel, entertainment, food, etc. – married, single and/or gay/lbta. Find us here: http://www.llbloggers.com. And of course, ME: http://unacabezadecoco.blogspot.com/

  • Monica

    Gracias mil for the support Ana. This post has brought so many readers to my blog. I am honored and grateful to be on this list!


  • sylvia

    Also the website “las Blogueras” y en facebook by Yoly Mason, Latina mom bloggers.com
    Latina con estilo elocuente.com @latinaconestilo

  • Nancy Badillo

    Hello! Great list! I would like to add NancyBadillo.com is a site that teaches others how to make money online!

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