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National Delurking Day


This is a bit of an old school blog day that we celebrate each year.  I think I first posted about this day about 4-5 years ago on my Daddy Blog.  What is Delurking Day you might ask?  In the blog world, many people read blogs and they watch and read comments all the while staying in the shadows and not being a part of the conversation.  They are shy or they think that they don’t have something to add that is useful, or they just want to stay anonymous.

Delurking Day was formed to make it a day where everyone could leave a comment and be seen on the blog.  It was a great way for bloggers to find out who was reading and also a time for those that were shy or not wanting to be seen on the blog to have a chance to say hello as well.  If you are a regular reader of a blogs and you never want to leave a comment but enjoy reading and watching the comments as conversations ensue, this is your day. leave a comment and say hello.

You should also take this opportunity to post this on your own blog if you have one so that you can also have your own lurkers leave their comment.

My old friend Chris at RudeCactus tells us the rules:

Second, it’s Delurking Day! Yep, that’s right. The Official Delurking Day is back. Read the site? Comment. Comment all the time? Cool, do it again. A little shy? Come on, comment – you know you wanna. Take it to the streets – go comment all willy-nilly all over the blogosphere. You’ll be glad you did. And so will all the bloggers already hard at work on tomorrow’s posts.

Take the button here and post it.  See who is reading by getting them to comment.  Of course you must first leave a comment here and delurk yourself.



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