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Is Your Blog Fast Enough For Google?


For a long time all of us have been worried about our page rank and how we fair in the eyes of Google.  Yes, I have always said it, “We Live In A Google World.”  Google holds all the search cards, or at least about 60% of it last time I checked, and they make most of the rules we all follow in order to get on page 1. Apparently, as Michael Gray reports, Google wants your site to be fast to get better rank in their eyes.

I always try to see what the latest news is and what the latest tricks are to make sure we don’t cross the line and get in trouble with the almighty Google.  I am trying to put a hint of sarcasm in there, but don’t tell Google they might penalize my site, but I digress. Michael Gray’s blog, something I try to read often and wrote about “How To Speed Up WordPress.” Since we use WordPress as our application of choice here, for the time being, I decided I better check it out.

I try to listen to experts like Michael and follow what he has as advice.  In this particular instance I might not be able to and keep the site with all the bells and whistles we have become accustomed to here.  Things like Tweetmeme and other social metworking buttons and such are things Michael advises we get rid of to help the load speed.

I don’t want to hear about the site problems we already have we are actively trying to remedy that as we speak.  Our load time is really long since are site never truly stops loading.  I guess you could say we are in perpetual load.  Thanks for the post Michael.

How does your site do after testing? Is it fast? Is it Google fast? I am not sure any of us will ever know that secret.

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