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Tragedies occur every day and yesterday was no different except that one tragedy happened to a friend of ours. Tee Morris‘ wife passed away leaving Tee to be a single parent of a young daughter.

Tee was a speaker this year at BlogWorld & New Media Expo and was a great asset to our show. We would like top extend our condolences to Tee and his family for this loss. Tee is a great podcaster and is very knowledgeable in his field. He has written books on the subject and is a founder of Podiobooks.com.  Tee’s friends are setting up a short term fund (sign in below using ChipIn) and a long term fund for helping him through these difficult times.  His wife’s passing has left them with difficulties of paying bills and that is a stress that should not have to be endured on top of the already difficult loss.

Again, all of us here at BlogWorld & New Media Expo send our deepest sympathies to the family and hope that comfort can come from the community.

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