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If You Are A Blogger I Am Watching You


I was looking over the list of the bloggers to watch that was put together over at Darren Rowse’s blog at Problogger by Jade Craven.  The list is put together as a resource for bloggers to watch that can help others become better bloggers.  The list is great and I know of most of the bloggers there and will bookmark the remaining people that I am not familiar with for reading more in 2010.  I would love to have each of these bloggers provide a guest post here at BlogWorld & New Media Expo’s blog and I hope I get to meet them at the show this October.  After all, we are here to provide the best of the best of information about blogging.  The invitation is open to all of them to give us a post and provide our readers with their wisdom.

I read a large number of blogs.  I have more than a 1000 unread feeds that I keep track of in Google Reader, BlogLines and other places like FriendFeed, Twitter and Facebook to name only a few.  I try to keep my finger on the pulse of what is going on in the blogosphere, but posts like these are great to keep me apprised of who is blogging and what they are writing about.  I think I have been a subscriber of Darren’s blog now since Problogger was just beginning.  I knew then he was a great blogger and one to watch.  I am keeping my eye out and ear to the ground.

What bloggers do you feel were left off the list that I need to watch?  Is your name on a list? Perhaps you could let me know what your blog URL is and I can read yours too!


  • Jarvis Slacks

    Yeah, peep my blog. JarvisSlacks.com. The life and times of yours truly…

  • Jim Turner

    I am all over it Jarvis and I am looking forward to seeing your Impossible Amounts of Awesome in 2010. Would love to have a post or two on your thoughts!

  • Jordan Cooper

    If you want to find out more about me go to Not A Pro Blog.

    If you want to find out less about me go to my mother. Apparently, I don’t call her often enough.

    If you want to find out just enough about me, then you’re out of luck. My mother told me when I was younger that people were either friends or strangers or Dad. Apparently, my mother thinks I call him too often.

  • Jade Craven

    I know of several cool bloggers whose name wasn’t on that list. I know that because, as the author, I had to make some tough decisions cutting the list down as it was a lot of work.

    The people I didn’t mention:
    – erica douglass: http://erica.biz/
    – Pat Flynn: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com
    – Mark Silver http://www.heartofbusiness.com/).
    – alexis Neely
    – Havi brooks

    😉 I’m actually hoping to go to Blog World next year. In the meantime, let me know if I can guest post or help with keeping your ear to the ground. The one thing I’ve learnt since posting that is that I need to expand my knowledge of other niches.

  • Deb Dorchak

    Here’s one for the designers: Sirius Graphics

  • David | Almost Bohemian

    Haha. I always wonder about this sort of thing… I guess my hope is to keep producing and if it’s good, then I will be alright. If not, then the masses will sing.

    Thanks for the good words of encouragement!

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