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October 2009

Don’t Let The “Blog” Fool You


Kristie Wells & Dave Peck

When you go to Burger King, there is more than just burgers right? I mean you can get a salad, milkshake, those yummy chicken fries..oh and an Angry Burger too.(Yes, it is a burger, but I had to work it in. I have a thing for those Angry Burgers.)  So, just like most things, there is more to them then what they say in their name. Blog World Expo is no different. There is so much more going on at this event then just talking about blogs.  When I tell my friends I am going to it next week, I get comments all kinds of from “Do you all Blog each other when your there?” to ” How much Blog can fit into one room?”(Lame comments I know,  my friends are lame.)

So, what is  my point you ask.. there is much more to Blog World Expo then blogging.. let me share some  of these things. I will do it in list form, as people like lists.

-The expo floor!! Companies like.. Ford, Ebay, Radian6, Technorati and more will have booths on the floor. You can walk around and meet the employees’, CEOs and owners of these great companies. All these people will be in one room, a big room mind you, there for you to chat with.

-Not that I am promising anything but if these companies are all there they usually bring…. SWAG!! We all like swag dont we? (Bring an extra bag to carry it back..im just saying..)

-Friendships. Last year I went to BWE and meet some amazing people who I still friends with today. I have already gotten emails making sure I am going so we can hook up. I am talking to you  Jodi , Veronica and Ewan

-Podcasting. Prior to the New Media Expo was its own event. The two events are now one, which makes them both that much stronger. I mention this because there are many resources for podcasters. Heck there is a whole track on it!

-Might I add there are tracks on Community, Moms, Health, and yes even Social Media. (Maybe next year Dad’s will get their own track..ya right)

-So you are learning about Podcasting, Social Media, Blogging, Online Communities…but you ask “How do I make money doing it?” Then the Monetization track is for you!

–  Networking. Yes, we have Twitter, Facebook and hundreds of other Social Networking sites. Yet, you can not beat face time. There are going to be hundreds of people who are interested in the same things as you, want to learn from you and you from them.  When the Expo is over, you will still be tweeting about the things you learned and building your relationship.

-What did you say? You went all the way to Vegas to see the night life? Well ask and you shall receive… Oct 15 there is the Techset & Blogworld After-hours party and October 16 there is the BlogWorld Opening Night Party.

There have I made my case yet? So when you see me walking the Expo floor or sitting in a session come say “Hi” and pull up a seat, no doubt we will have lots to talk about.  What? Who am I?…oh sorry.. I am Dave Peck, I blog at NewMediaChatter.

Planning Your Podcast At Blog World Expo? We Just Made It Easy!


Our new identity this year is to also be the trade show for not just the blogging world, but after our merger with the podcasting and video world of the New Media Expo in 2008, we want to include the podcasters as well.  palegroove_studios We have been trying to find ways to allow our podcasters that will be attending our event not to miss a beat and to be allowed to record their own podcasts on the show floor “live”.  We have accomplished that this year with the folks at Podcast Tuneup who are bringing some university students and with Kris Smith of Palegroove Studios. We are setting up 4 separate podcasting stations where you as a podcaster can set up a time to record your own session live from BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.  You wont have to miss a beat and can do your own shows and get them up on your own site.

PCTU We are scheduling 30 minutes at a time and if you need more than 30 minutes just let us know so we can accommodate your schedule.  We will have staff and equipment ready for you to use beginning Friday morning when the show begins and ending on Saturday when the exhibit floor closes.  Set up your time to record live from the Exhibit Floor! You can sign up in the form provided, or you can contact Kris Smith at 646.657.8484, to schedule your time.  Kris is also available to handle you technical questions and any information you need to get your podcast recorded, uploaded and broadcast to your community!

If you want to tell all of your fans that you will be broadcasting live from BlogWorld & New Media Expo, now is your chance.  They can watch you conduct your show, participate as guests or how ever it makes sense for you!  It’s your show!

Introduction and Serious Request


For a number of reasons, I want to introduce Tammy Munson to you today. Tammy is a panelist on the milblog track, taking part in the “They Also Serve: Spouse Bloggers” panel.

I will skip the normal introductions and short bio for now, and ask you to go read this post instead. You can go here after that to find out more about Tammy.

Please keep the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the battle(s) you are now finally hearing about on the news in your thoughts and prayers. Please send good thoughts, prayers, or whatever you do to them, and to the wounded and their family and friends. As you read blogs or the news, keep in mind that these are real people, and that they are family, friends, acquaintances and more to those in the milblog community.

Come Out from Behind Your Blog and Take Your Networking to a Whole New Level


Face to Face

One of the reasons many bloggers dig blogging and social networking is enjoying online conversations. They’re  talking with like-minded people about the topics in which they share a common passion. Think of how much farther you can take those conversations if you bring them totally offline – away from the 140 characters or blog comment limitations online communication provides.

Ten years ago if you suggested people get out and meet the folks they talk with online, there would be a large outcry. We’d hear about stranger danger and cyber stalking. While that’s does happen, that’s not what I’m referring to. Times have changed and there’s safety in numbers. I’m talking about conferences, meetups and tweetups. I’m talking about taking those online relationships another level by bringing them offline.

Since I began attending conferences, summits and Tweetups, I made new friends, networked with potential clients and even collaborated on some amazing projects with people I never would have known if I wasn’t interacting online. (Hey, if I wasn’t attending conferences, I wouldn’t have landed this cushy gig!).

This is my challenge to you: Online is fun. We all share a common love of social media. Take those tools, the Twitter, the blogs, the forums, the Facebook and use them to build offline relationships. Start real time conversations with the people who intrigue you. Find some projects to work on with the folks who share your passion. Get out from behind your blogs, shut down your laptops and make a difference offline.

Then come back here and let me know how it worked out for you.

Meet the Milblog Panelists: Scott Henderson


Scott Henderson is not a milblogger, he’s a Transformer. No, not like in the movies, but a person who helps companies and non-profits transform themselves online so that they can transform their growth. In the Milblog Track, he’s going to be discussing the changes and opportunities on the way for milblogs and milbloggers.


His bio is as follows:

During his fourteen-year professional career, Scott has been a major gift fundraiser, foundation executive, magazine editor, marketing consultant, and president of a capital campaign firm. Today, he is the cause marketing director for Indiana-based MediaSauce, helping corporations and non-profits create and implement online strategies to achieve transformational growth.

Recent accomplishments include the creation and launch of www.pledgetoendhunger.com, which helped Tyson Foods deliver 560,000 meals to four different cities for children in need, raised $28,000 for Share Our Strength, and assembled an army of nearly 5,000 childhood hunger awareness champions.

MediaSauce is a full service marketing and communications firm whose strategic philosophy positions the online space at the center of communications in order to create and sustain open dialogue and lasting relationships. Clients include The Nature Conservancy, Indiana Pacers, USA Diving, Samaritan’s Feet, and University of Chicago.

You can hear him speak at 4pm on Thursay 15 October on the “Getting the Picture: What’s Next for Milblogs” panel.


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