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RSS to Email is the perfect way to streamline timely and relevant content to your inbox.

RSS to Email spearheads the embodiment of syndicating content globally.  It allows bloggers to feed their subscribers with relevant, updated messages in a timely and targeted medium.  RSS to Email also allows subscribers to have the power of choice; they are in control of what messages go where, and what better place, what better idea, than to have it all centrally located in their inbox?  The web is complex enough as it is; many subscribers don’t want to manage yet another tool, i.e. an RSS reader.

Really Simple Syndication

RSS, also known as Really Simple Syndication, is not new technology, yet it hasn’t really been adopted by the masses, as we all know.  RSS, at the base level, is simply a web content syndication format.  Most bloggers and subscribers use it to feed updated blog content to a specific location or a blog reader.

When RSS hit the web and started to gain traction, we all expected it to dominate email and to solve all of our deliverability issues.  Well, that didn’t exactly happen.  It since has been adopted by some and become a valuable enabler of communication, but at the end of the day, who has time to read 80-200 different blog feeds?  Personally, I would love to view my 80+ blog feeds in my Google Reader, get to know the breaking news I subscribe to, but let’s be honest, who has the time for that?  With RSS to Email as an option, subscribers like myself have the advantage of having all of the timely and relevant content that I am looking for pushed to my inbox, where I operate from daily.  Again, for me, as an email marketer and blogger, RSS to Email is a no-brainer solution.

Blue Sky Factory: The Thinking Inbox

As much as we like clicking that little orange RSS button, feeding your blog updates to your email inbox is just as simple. See how Blue Sky Factory does it:

Every day our team at Blue Sky Factory publishes blog posts to our blog, The Thinking Inbox, containing industry trends, event updates, Blue Sky Factory news and updates, best practices, customer spotlights, and the list goes on.  Readers are given the option to have these posts fed to their blog reader via the RSS icon (see above), or they can have these posts fed to their inbox by submitting their email address.  Bottom line, it’s all about options, offering a choice, and making it as easy as we can on subscribers.  It is important to have both options; deliver your company’s message by expanding your reach throughout different mediums.

The Kings of Pull and Push Mediums

To boil it down, RSS is the king of the ’pull’ medium and email is the king of the ‘push’ medium. The idea behind pull and push behaviors within the online space is nothing new.  RSS to Email is also not a new phenomenon, but RSS to Email does, however, allow for a seamless delivery of syndicated content to the one global location almost all of us operate from daily, the email inbox.

Email marketing is all about optimized deliverability, a well developed strategy, a fundamental understanding of best practices, and last but not least, TESTING.  Test this option out for you subscribers, offer an RSS to email option, give it a try.  You have nothing lose and everything to gain.

Let’s Hear From YOU!

What are your thoughts on RSS to Email? Give your friends over at Blue Sky Factory a shout. We can talk RSS to Email, SWYN or any other aspect of your email marketing solutions.

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