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An Analysis of the Blogosphere: Its Present and Future Impact


I am very excited to tell you that “An Analysis of the Blogosphere: Its Present and Future Impact,” a BlogCatalog commissioned study of the blogosphere by Spectrum Brand Strategy, LLC, was recently completed. I am even more excited to have the report in time for BlogWorld Expo 09 and to be able to share the findings with all of the conference attendees and exhibitors.

The report, which examines timely topics like “the impact of blogs on traditional news and commerce” and “can bloggers be trusted” should resonate with bloggers and social media junkies who earlier this week witnessed the collapse of the 69-year-old traditional media juggernaut Gourmet magazine and the release of FTC guidelines that will require bloggers to disclose any freebies or payments they receive from companies as compensation for product reviews. The report also shares bloggers’ insight on their current environment, involvement with microblogging and opinions on future media trends.

Having experienced BlogWorld for the first time last year, I know that it takes a special kind of person to absorb and apply the vast amounts of knowledge shared at the conference. “An Analysis of the Blogosphere: Its Present and Future Impact” is a tangible and valuable resource that will complement many of the subjects covered in the conference sessions. I hope that you will stop by the BlogCatalog booth to say hi, pick up a copy of the report and give us a chance to get to know you. See you at BlogWorld!

by Jason Teitelman
Community Engagement Director


  • Diana

    I’m not able to attend blogworld in person this year (living vicariously via livestream) is there a way to get a copy of the report? I’m working on a master’s thesis that looks at how the blogosphere is impacting print publishing and would love to read this analysis. Will it be posted at BlogCatalog?

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