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Guest Post BlogWorld Alum Scott Monty Ford Motor Company


Has it been just over a year since the last Blog World Expo? I vividly remember attending that one – I saw colleagues, friends and made new acquaintances, sharing knowledge and learning some exciting new things. And what an amazing and wild year it’s been in the time since.

In September 2008, I was still getting my feet wet at Ford Motor Company – having been there all of two months. There was a lot to learn and a lot to do, and as we embarked on setting our social media strategy, we had to remain aware of and active in the social space. I like to say that we subscribe to the Woody Allen philosophy of social media: “Ninety percent of social media is just showing up.”

We also believe in the Yogi Berra corollary to that: “It’s the other 50 percent that’s hard.”

So just how does a Fortune 10 company go about embarking on such a journey, and how has Ford been able to turn the ship so deftly? Well, I’m not gonna give all of that away here – you have to come to my keynote to hear the Full Monty. 🙂

But what I will tell you is that we couldn’t have done it without two very key elements – elements that make a huge difference in the success of our social media efforts:

1)      Great leadership: through our CEO Alan Mulally (who joined the company in September 2006) and his dynamic executive team, we have a solid business plan that’s putting the company right.

2)      Great products: having strong leadership and a plan means we have the ability to execute on that plan, and that means creating first-class products on a global scale. Vehicles that people want and value with a level of quality unsurpassed by even Toyota and Honda. The proof is in seeing them up close – which is why we’ll have some at the show for you to drive or sit in.

With that in place, our progress and success in the social media space has been that much easier to accomplish. But there’s also another secret ingredient here as well – one that may not come from hiring talent or investing in design and R&D.


From the very first time I walked through the doors of Ford’s world headquarters in Dearborn, I was struck by the amazing passion that was apparent in every single person I’ve met at Ford. And that continues to this day. We all want this company to succeed, and we’re committed to making it happen.

When you have internal evangelists like that, it’s not a stretch to think that there are some like that on the outside as well. And that’s a big part of where we’re going with social media.

I look forward to sharing more of The Ford Story with you on October 15 in Las Vegas. Until then, remember: whatever happens in Vegas stays on Google.

***update 10/10/09 4:09pm***

You can listen to Scott  with our Social Media Director Jim @genuine Turner on BlogWorld Radio here.


  • Tad Wolfe

    Looking forward to your keynote at Blogworld09. I learned alot from you in At MMA09,I am glad to see some american companies changing ahead of the curve instead of always behind it.

  • alan mulally

    Scott Monty Rocks!!!

    Ford…Drive One…Feel The Difference….What Fun!!

    Alan Mulally

  • Mike Vallez

    Scott look forward to hearing you speak. Is the time already notated in the schedule? I look forward to meeting you in person.

    Mike Vallez

  • MPGomatic

    Congrats on the keynote, Scott!

    Was it just a year ago that I @ed you, asking (out of the blue!) if you might be interested in a spot on the Building Cred panel discussion? Turned out to be a great panel with some fantastic folks, both on the panel and in the room. You helped set that session on fire, brother!

  • Scott Monty

    Wow – do you guys realize that my CEO just dropped by with a comment on your blog? Alan Mulally – unprompted – on a Saturday morning, just left a comment for Blog World Expo. I hope this helps you understand a little about why I’m so honored and excited to be part of this company, and I hope that passion and vision will come through next Thursday at lunch.

    Scott Monty
    Global Digital Communications
    Ford Motor Company

  • Alan Underkofler

    Great post Scott! I look forward to hearing your keynote and everything you have done in the last year with Social Media at Ford. Big kudos to Alan for leaving a comment on your post! It’s great to see your CEO supporting your marketing efforts!

  • Rick

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment Alan. We think Scott Rocks too and are honored to have him speaking this year.

    In fact we would love to have you join us as well. Any plans for next Thursday though Sunday?

  • Mitch Canter

    hey Scott,

    Great to see your career at Ford taking off – especially since I worked on the Crayonville site with you when you were still there.

    Can’t wait to meet you in person for the first time.


  • Jill Foster

    Heartily looking forward to your keynote and learning more about how Ford’s
    culture motivates social media to succeed for the company (+ its custom
    ers). Thx for participating like you do on Twitter too….Jill “your BlogPotomac granny driver” Foster

  • Scott Monty

    Mitch – You did a nice job on the crayon site. It’ll be great to meet in real life now.
    Dan (MPGomatic) – I certainly remember that – great panel with you, @MissMotorMouth and others. So glad you’ve been looped in on Ford’s journey.
    Jill – thank you very much. Please make sure you stop by and say hi.
    Rick – appreciate the sentiment. Alan won’t be able to drop by (that’s why you guys have to settle for me). He will be back in Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, where he’s the opening keynote, though. 🙂

  • Alan Underkofler

    @Rick my plans are to be at Blog World of course! 🙂

  • Shiva Kumar

    Scott , Social Media has really helped us in a long way and I appreciate our work under your direction has been a phenomenal success. As Our Boss says You Rock. Lets Drive ONE FORD.


  • Ralph Paglia

    I was checking this post out because I met Scott Monty in person for the first time last week, and then I see Alan Mulalley’s comment… Which just goes to show how significant social media has become in American culture. Looking forward to attending Blogworld and learning from so many of the new media wizards outside of the auto industry!

  • creativecrafter

    @Rick…I am available Thursday to Sunday, may I be your guest?

    Danielle Reichl
    A mom fighting Autism

  • Coder11

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