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BlogWorld Ticket Giveaway for Twitter Followers


***Update 10.11.09 2:23pm**

Sorry for the delay in announcing yesterday’s winner guys. Just busy with last minute preparations for the show.

Our second winner for the Retweet contest is @BlueWorkhorse


And the third and final winner is……


Congratulations. See you in Vegas!

Thank you to everyone who participated.

***Update 10.9.09 10:19 pm***

and our first winner is @bphuettner.

Congratulations Brenda! DM me to pick up your Full Access Pass to BlogWorld.

Yes this is a shameless attempt to get you to tweet and retweet a link to this post as many times as we can, but there’s something in it for you too…..

A chance to win a free Full Access Pass to BlogWorld. That’s worth $1,195 bucks!

How do you enter to win?

Simple, just send out a tweet linking to this post or RT this tweet and you are in. You can enter multiple times, each tweet you send out linking to this post, or this tweet is considered an entry and increases your chances to win.

This contest lasts for the next three days Oct 8 – 10. At the end of each day we will pick one winner and award a Full Access Pass.

You can follow our Twitter feed @blogworld or check back at this post to see if you have won. We will be updating this post each day with the winners and of course announcing them on Twitter.

This contest starts right now!


  • Miss Lori

    Love this. I have been on the fence trying to decide whether or not to attend. It’s tough time to spend extra money, but I have heard such great things about BlogWorld that I am very tempted. Thanks for the opportunity to participate. Good Kharma is contagious!

    SMILE On!


  • The Broke-Ass Bride

    Being a broke-ass by nature makes me LOVE this opportunity! Time to tweet!

  • Kathy Jacobs

    So when is end of day? Hoping against hope that I win. Only way I would be able to attend…

  • Charty:

    I would love the opportunity to get the full experience! I’ve already go the room & airfare figured out! Please pick me 😉

  • Miss Lori

    So who won yesterday? I am hearing such amazing things about your event. I a dying to come. I will be in LA next week Tues through Thurs. It would be great to just hop the state line and join your festivities. I look forward to hearing the names of the winners regardless.

    SMILE On!


  • Deb Gerber

    Here I am at 50 and started taking web site design. I started a couple websites and blogs and now I just want the chance to learn more, and more, and more! it’s never too late. Tickets are being given away to some luck tweeters at http://blog.blogworldexpo.com/2009/10/08/blogworld-ticket-giveaway-for-twitter-followers/

  • Miss Lori

    Still have my fingers crossed that I will win the chance to join the fun that is Blogworld.

    SMILE On!


  • creativecrafter

    Great way to utilize the RT on Twitter. I loved being able to help promote Blogworld and would even be more excited to attend in person!

    Goodluck to all!

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