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Kristie Wells & Dave Peck

When you go to Burger King, there is more than just burgers right? I mean you can get a salad, milkshake, those yummy chicken fries..oh and an Angry Burger too.(Yes, it is a burger, but I had to work it in. I have a thing for those Angry Burgers.)  So, just like most things, there is more to them then what they say in their name. Blog World Expo is no different. There is so much more going on at this event then just talking about blogs.  When I tell my friends I am going to it next week, I get comments all kinds of from “Do you all Blog each other when your there?” to ” How much Blog can fit into one room?”(Lame comments I know,  my friends are lame.)

So, what is  my point you ask.. there is much more to Blog World Expo then blogging.. let me share some  of these things. I will do it in list form, as people like lists.

-The expo floor!! Companies like.. Ford, Ebay, Radian6, Technorati and more will have booths on the floor. You can walk around and meet the employees’, CEOs and owners of these great companies. All these people will be in one room, a big room mind you, there for you to chat with.

-Not that I am promising anything but if these companies are all there they usually bring…. SWAG!! We all like swag dont we? (Bring an extra bag to carry it back..im just saying..)

-Friendships. Last year I went to BWE and meet some amazing people who I still friends with today. I have already gotten emails making sure I am going so we can hook up. I am talking to you  Jodi , Veronica and Ewan

-Podcasting. Prior to the New Media Expo was its own event. The two events are now one, which makes them both that much stronger. I mention this because there are many resources for podcasters. Heck there is a whole track on it!

-Might I add there are tracks on Community, Moms, Health, and yes even Social Media. (Maybe next year Dad’s will get their own track..ya right)

-So you are learning about Podcasting, Social Media, Blogging, Online Communities…but you ask “How do I make money doing it?” Then the Monetization track is for you!

–  Networking. Yes, we have Twitter, Facebook and hundreds of other Social Networking sites. Yet, you can not beat face time. There are going to be hundreds of people who are interested in the same things as you, want to learn from you and you from them.  When the Expo is over, you will still be tweeting about the things you learned and building your relationship.

-What did you say? You went all the way to Vegas to see the night life? Well ask and you shall receive… Oct 15 there is the Techset & Blogworld After-hours party and October 16 there is the BlogWorld Opening Night Party.

There have I made my case yet? So when you see me walking the Expo floor or sitting in a session come say “Hi” and pull up a seat, no doubt we will have lots to talk about.  What? Who am I?…oh sorry.. I am Dave Peck, I blog at NewMediaChatter.

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